Volkswagen Revealing Fourth I.D. Electric Concept In Frankfurt

An all-electric Volkswagen I.D. concept sedan will be shown in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

According to VW design chief Klaus Bischoff. the yet-to-be-revealed electric vehicle brought out “wows” from colleagues when they say it for the first time.

One thing it will have in common with other I.D. concepts shown will be a “no-grille” philosophy with a flat front end.

“Volkswagen was born with no grille,” Bischoff said. “With I.D., we’re looking into the future but have our original identity with a closed front end.”

As nostalgic as that sounds, VWs of decades past were rear-engined and air cooled, so front cooling intakes were not needed. Not quite similarly – and as Tesla has already demonstrated – an EV also can do away with an open grille which would allow in cool intake air useful for an internal combustion engine.

The new e-sedan will be the fourth model in the long-range I.D. electric vehicle series built on the new MEB modular electric platform. The first one, the I.D. hatchback compact concept, was unveiled in September at the Paris auto show. It’s scheduled for production in 2020.

The I.D. Buzz microbus concept was revealed in January at the Detroit auto show, calling up images of the original 1960s microbus.

The company also says it will be showing an I.D. SUV at the Shanghai Motor Show in two weeks.

Along with the “no-grille” design theme, each of the I.D. family will have in common headlights and an illuminated VW logo. They’ll come equipped with lower air intake for battery cooling when charging, Bischoff said.

He sees the I.D. Buzz having a “friendly, positive” appearance. The upcoming SUV I.D., which will be announced in Shanghai with an expected visual design, will be “non-aggressive but self-confident.”

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Last month, VW brand CEO Herbert Diess told analysts the I.D. concept hatchback is expected to have its design approved in August for a 2020 launch. The second electric vehicle will be the SUV coming out after 2020, with the concept being shown this month in Shanghai.

Diess said that the production schedule was set to hit increasingly strict emissions rules in China and Europe. China will play the biggest part in the company meeting its aggressive target of selling one million electric vehicles per year by 20205.

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