Volkswagen Diesel Scandal Affecting Public Perceptions, Whole Automotive Industry

The Volkswagen dieselgate scandal is going beyond just affecting the public’s perception of the automaker.

In a recent survey conducted by Autolist, it has been revealed that public trust in the automotive industry has dropped 12 percent as a result of Volkswagen admitting that it cheated on EPA diesel emissions tests. A total of 2,387 vehicle owners in the U.S. responded to the survey, which also found that the perception of German engineering quality has fallen 18 percent. In addition, the perception of Volkswagen vehicle quality has dropped a significant 27 percent.

Of those surveyed, the willingness to buy a Volkswagen has taken a 28-percent hit, but the biggest impact dieselgate has had is that the perception of the automaker’s environmental consciousness has plummeted 47 percent.

According to Autolist, German companies and the entire auto industry have been worrying about the potential impacts in wake of the diesel scandal, and this survey confirms their fears. The survey also asked vehicle owners to reflect on the severity of the scandal with 66 percent choosing the highest severity rating for a legal infraction evaluation. When comparing it to the BP oil spill, 25 percent rated that dieselgate is equal or more severe, while 62 percent chose the highest severity rating for environmental impact evaluation.

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