Video: Smart Runs Head First Into S-Class

Thinking about a new $13,000-and-up Smart car but wondering about that all-important safety aspect?

Daimler made a point by running the diminutive redesigned city car head-on into the head-of-state worthy S-Class weighing double, and with much less doubt of its crashworthiness.

The in-house test actually kind of emulated the tough small-overlap test the U.S. Insurance Institute of Highway Safety conducts that saw even the Mercedes-Benz E-Class revamped in its front crash zone this year because it only fared so well.

In this marketing video, with dramatic music to go along with, the speeds they hit are 50 kilometers per hour (31 mph) and Daimler said “the biomechanical limits” were not exceeded by the crash dummies in the Smart running into a vehicle with twice the mass.

Not said in the video are what injuries would have likely been sustained, but the point is the Tridion safety cell does a lot with a little, literally.

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