Video: Nissan’s Electric Racecar Turns Wheels In Fuji

Nissan released a video of the companies electric racecar turning wheels for the first time on Fuji’s racetrack in Japan.

The Nissan ZEOD RC made its debut run with former GT1 Champion Michael Krumm at the wheel.

“It’s like being in a different world. As soon as I sat in the cockpit, it was brand new. Even the buttons are completely different from a conventional race car,” said Krumm. “I have driven the LEAF NISMO RC before, but it was great to be in a full Le Mans-spec cockpit.”

Former GT Academy winner Lucas Ordonez will also work with Nissan in preparing the electric racecar for its participation at next year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans race.

“It was great fun. This was a low-speed demonstration, but I could feel a great response from the car,” said Krumm. “Normally, electric vehicles don’t have a transmission, but this car has a full racing gearbox connected to the motor. The gearbox is the same as a normal racing car. It has an electric powertrain that gives you a very new feeling. It was really fun.”

Here’s Nissan’s video:

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