Video – Lucid Shows Test Run With Electric Car Hitting 217 MPH

Lucid Motors says it will have the highest speed electric car available after posting a video of a test version of its 1,000 horsepower Lucid Air sedan hitting 217 miles per hour on a test track.

The high-speed stability test by a race car driver around a 7.5 mile course in Marysville, Ohio was done in the special Air prototype, named Alpha Speed Car.

The max speed of 350 km/h (217 mph) was the top of the software-limited gauge used in the test run. Lucid tied the video release into its presence at the New York International Auto Show, and you can watch the video below.

The company said that the software-limited test showed the capabilities of the electric car and areas for performance improvements that can’t be accurately evaluated in static bench tests. Data from the test run will be used to alter thermal and aerodynamic computer simulations.

The data will be used to further performance enhancements that will be tested later this year at even higher speeds, Lucid said.

If the Lucid Air makes it to production level and is sold to the public, it would be fastest electric car out there; at least in in top speed recorded.

The Tesla Model S P100D hit a benchmark of 2.54 seconds to go 60 mph. It also limited to 155 mph.

The Alpha Speed Car wasn’t tested for zero to 60.

Last fall, Fisker Inc. said its EMotion electric sports car will be able to go 400 miles per charge and hit a top speed of 161 mph.

Around that time, Chinese startup NIO said that its EP9 electric hypercar will have a top speed of 194 mph. That will come from a powertrain with peak horsepower of 1,360 – higher than the Lucid Air’s 1,000 horsepower but not even close to its 217 mph in top speed.

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Lucid Motors has been interested in testing it prototype under various conditions. About two months ago, a Lucid Air was shown racing through winter conditions including finding traction while hitting curves on snow-packed roads at high speeds.

Last month, the startup announced it will offer a base model Air priced at under $60,000 before the federal tax incentive. It will have 400 horsepower and will be equipped with fully autonomous driving hardware, the company said.


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