Video – German Driver Tests Q50S Hybrid Active Cruise: Jumps Out Of Driver’s Seat to Back Seat

This one comes under the “kids don’t try this anywhere” category.

To test the semiautonomous adaptive cruise control plus active lane control in an Infiniti Q50S Hybrid, a German publication posted a 2-minute clip of a solo driver hopping out of the driver’s seat and into the rear seat while the car careened downed the highway.

His German language post with English headings reads “Active Lane Control + Adaptive Cruise Control = Autopilot.”

The August post by writer “SuperSoul” says the system soon lulls you into complacency, and works well. So, he decided to make the video to document his testing.

For those of you who read German, here’s the site, and if you want to try and get a translation, go to Google Translate and drop in the text for what it’s worth.

It’s an admittedly weak translaton, but here is the section called “Aftermath” under the posted video.

A real autopilot is not the ALC. However, it remains the feeling that this has less technical than legal reasons. Even the maximum steering movement that uses the Q50 for course correction, definitely seems expandable. The car could, so at least our impression, still much more active intervention in the track. But he must not.

Whether really rises by such systems driving safety? We are not so sure. Especially on long motorway journeys begins to quickly rely on the system. You may find yourself far more likely going to take the eyes for long periods of time off the road. The computer is already watching.

As such, it would be desirable that active tracking systems really were as good as it is technically possible. With the current is obtained that is only a system that provides a high sense of security, but quickly encounters in real traffic situations to its limits.

Yet the driving aids in production vehicles not a substitute for the human driver. But Deep Blue is known to not set the first match Kasparov checkmated.


Translation of the translation?

This is one sketchy maneuver. The driver does not seem to have a death wish, just a high risk tolerance. Note, he did not try and take a nap in the back seat while he was at it.

Note also, the site is called Vanishing Point, coincidentally or not, the title of a 1971 American car chase film where car delivery driver “Kowalski” evades police in a very fast 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T 440 Magnum.

If you’ve never seen that video, we won’t spoil it for you, but perhaps SuperSoul is glad his little episode did not end similarly …

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