Green and Mean with the Moto Lean

What do you get when you combine the exhilaration of riding a fast motorcycle, the safety and comfort of a commuter car, and the fuel efficiency of advanced automotive technologies? The VentureOne—a two-passenger, three-wheeled, 100-mpg plug-in series hybrid from Venture Vehicles in Los Angeles.

Venture compares the driving sensation of the V1 to “flying a jet fighter 2 feet off the ground.” Capable of reaching top speeds of approximately 100 mph, it takes corners like a racing motorcycle that leans almost completely to one side. The two wheels and propulsion system in the back stay firmly on the ground, while the single front wheel and cabin—more like a glass-enclosed cockpit—tilts at angles up to 45 degrees. The automated tilting system, developed by Carver Engineering in the Netherlands and licensed by Venture Vehicles, uses a combination of hydraulic and mechanical technologies to determine the ideal angle and balance based on the traveling speed, rate of acceleration, and road conditions.

Sounds Thrilling—But Is It Safe?

According to the company, the VentureOne was designed to exceed the federal safety standards used for traditional automobiles, making it 30 times safer than the average motorcycle. Unlike the leaning, leather-clad moto-racers whose knees skim the pavement, the driver of the VentureOne is encased in a “safety cell,” complete with driver’s airbag, impact protection, restraint systems, and bumpers. The safety cell seats two passengers, one in front of the other.

Priced between $18,000 and $23,000 (depending on model), the VentureOne could be considered a devil-may-care toy for the wealthy—if it weren’t for the 100-mph worth of indulgence being tempered by 100 miles-per-gallon of environmental penitence. The vehicle is available in three shades of green. The fully electric version, featuring two in-wheel 20 kW electric motors and a 17 kWh lithium ion battery pack, delivers approximately 120 miles on a single charge. If you want to boost your range to 350 miles, you can opt for a 50 kW series plug-in hybrid version using a small internal combustion engine, a four gallon fuel tank ,and a 3 kWh li-ion battery pack. The third version, a 100 kW plug-in hybrid model, can bring your maximum speed to 120 mph, but cuts your range down to 300 miles. The batteries are charged via a standard 110-volt outlet, as well as a regenerative braking system.

Richard Hammond reviews the original Vandenbrink Carver in an episode of the BBC episode’s “Top Gear.”

The first set of VentureOne vehicles, expected in 2009, are being developed by a partnership that includes Swift Engineering, Cal Motors and Automotive Marketing Consultants. A123Systems of Watertown, Mass, supplies the lithium batteries.

Nothing Like It

The VentureOne could very well be the first plug-in hybrid to hit the market, and the first vehicle that delivers 100 miles-to-the-gallon. But how big is the market for a $20,000 three-wheeled, two-seater tilt-a-whirl motorcycle-car gizmo? Big enough for NGEN Partners, a cleantech venture firm with offices in California and New York, to invest $6 million in Venture Vehicles. Steve Parry, managing member at NGEN, believes the vehicle will meet the real-world needs of consumers. Parry said, “But without question, it is the absolutely extraordinary nature of the driving experience that ultimately will sell the product. There is simply nothing like it on the road.”

UPDATE – March 2010: In December 2008, the VentureOne was renamed Persu Hybrid. In March 2009, Persu Mobility, the renamed behind the vehicle, promised to track news on its company website. In December 2009, Persu Mobility withdrew the vehicle from the Automotive X Prize competition. As of March 2010, the Persu website’s news page is described as “under construction,” while the company tries to “define a fresh identity that reflects our work to delineate a new segment of urban transportation.”


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  • Vash The Stampeede

    That is an awsome looking car, I’m going to get one.

  • AZEqualizer

    Which looks unfinished. I’m hoping the V1 will be totally awesome looking. And think about it … lots of people pay around 20k for a touring motorcycle. I’m not wealthy by any means… I would sure like one.. but my wife will make me get two. Then when my kid gets older he will want his own.
    Venture get them made soon and sign us up!!!

  • C Cook

    I sold my harley earlier this summer and had plans to buy another harley in a year or so, that is until I saw the V1. Now I am holding off for the V1, my wife and I can ride inside from the elements now and still have the fun of a bike. Not only that, but we will be saving on fuel costs, and not spending any more than if we bought another harley! Go VentureOne go! I already have a preorder request in place.

  • Jaime

    Lets see more info. When i was in Europe i had seen something like it on the road, I couldn’t get a good look for i was driving.




    Anyone see “Who Killed the Electric Car”? I did and because of it, I won’t buy any GM products! Say goodbye to GM!

  • T.Kelly

    Now my Mom will let me have a Motorcycle because its safe

  • Stephen Lee

    I have been looking at these cars for about 4 months now. The Venture One is licensed by Carver (Europe company) to produce in the USA.

    I love the idea of a 120 mile range EV car. My greatest desire is just to get away from the whole gas/oil drama in the world now.

    I would perfer a longer range, but I believe I can accept a 120 mile EV for $23,000 rather then dropping $100,000 for the Tesla and its 250-300 mile range.

    If someone can come out with a 200+ mile range EV for less then $25,000, I would be all over that.

  • Grady Fleshman

    We are currently seeking to reduce ways for our nations dependance on oil.Hydrogen as an alternative fuel holds a lot of promise.Blending hydrogen with other types of fuel is a good step in the right direction. Check out

  • Mark Tomlinson

    It really is a sweet looking vehicle. If I can’t hold out for the Tesla Motors’ sedan, I’ll just have to get one of these.

  • T. Monroe

    I have been all over the idea of electric vehicles since I first heard about them. And when I saw the movie Who Killed the Electric Car I began to want on even more. BTW, why would anyone want to combine any types of fuels if you can cut out the need altogether?

  • quirky

    the best way to save fuel to to reduce weight and the V1 does that.

    But just because its Electric does not mean it does not pollute, what do you use to make electricity? Oil, coal, gas.

    Buy a V1 over a Telsa or Fisker and spend the rest on solar cells and a wind turbine.

  • keeping it simple

    This vehicle looks fantastic. It reminds me a bit of an EV that was designed and produced in Denmark in the 80’ies, called the “Mini El”. The vehicle was never a big hit, due to low speed and range, but it is still in production today (although in very small numbers) in Germany.

    Video 1:

    Video 2:

  • Ladislau F Csorba

    That’s great, but I wonder what kind of driving licence is required in the EU?

  • Anders

    Wish I didn’t have to wait so long for this. It is exactly what I need to get to work & have some fun on the way.

  • Brian

    needs some work on the front styling, but aside from that it’s fantastic!

  • Rustyjohnson

    Die Big Oil pond-scum… die… LOL* I could warm up the the idea of electric motorcycle’s i seem to remember Honda Motor Company back in 1973 showing a proto type one person road missile with a two cylinder engine and 70 + MPG but the thought of rocketing down the super slab dueling with Tractor Trailer Rigs and SUV’s HUMMER’S etc is a sobering thought will VENTURE – 1 come with Collision Avoidance feature or twin .30 cal air cooled machine – guns..?

  • A. Kringas

    Where can I get this??

  • J. Brendel, a Green Republican

    Quirky makes a good point about electricity generation causing air pollution. But that need not be the case, and it isn’t always. For example, my local utility in SW Michigan (Consumers Energy) generates almost 20% of its residential electricity through nuclear power. That percentage could be substantially increased — to reduce the absurd 57% that it generates using coal. If you fear nuclear power, there’s another option: sign up for your local utility’s Green Generation program. I did, and here’s how it works: I agree to pay a higher rate, and the utility agrees to generate the amount of electricity used by my household through wind and biomass rather than its usual heavily-polluting mix of sources……………………………………….. Moreover, people who install solar or wind systems on their homes can simply install a larger system to generate enough electricity to also power their cars ……………………………….. In short, whether through nuclear power, Green generation programs, or solar & wind, electric cars can survive on electricity that is itself non-polluting.

  • E Tiffany

    I have always lived in Washington State. When on-line peeps list sources of power in an attacking argument I always wonder just WHY they always leave off “hydro.” Electricity, here, is created by generators sited way down a mountain or on a river below dams. An all-electric plug-in VentureOne, here, would cause zero pollution. Nada. Zip.

    A lot of our electricity is even send to California. Lucky peeps.

    What I would love is having all three VentureOne machines. The whole set. Love the first for economy… and range. The second ’cause it’s really hot. Those are hybrids. The real deal. And I like the third, too… because… it just uses electricity. It’s an EV. It’s range is hafted though.

  • E Tiffany

    The comment about how the front of the machine looks “unfinished” was mistakenly referring to the Carver 3-wheeled vehicle. That machine was shown as the source of the tilting technology the VentureOne uses. The developed front-end design of all the VentureOne machines is clean. Fully finished. Excellent.

  • Anonymous

    where do I send my deposit?????

  • Tabitha

    This is awesome! I totally want one! How do I get it!?

  • LMT UK




    300-350 MILE RANGE



  • E Kuhn

    LOVE IT!!!! This “Carike” has not come soon enough!! Gotta have it now. Plug in people!!

  • Reginaldo N Marques

    I need one of this cool carver’s all eletric, if you finance for me just send to my house at 35 moss hill rd Carmel NY 10512 I need a low interest rate and you can put nice log on it to of you company the gray one look great thank you.

  • Bryan Stacy

    I will tatoo “Venture” to my forehead to get one of these things now! Seriously, tell the testers to kick it in gear and get this product out the door.

    Seriously though, when can I get one?

    This looks like a great ride for Chicago.

  • Joseph McDevitt

    This is something that looks real interesting. I would GLADLY park my F-150 to drive this to and from work. It’s looks like the fun of a bike and the fuel efficiency (or electric) crossed with the safety of a car. Sign me up. I would save enough money in gas to make the payments on this.

  • Scott C

    Ah men to that brother. I would ride my motorcycle in the sun and the V1 in the rain. The Gas Guzzler 150 would sit and collect dust except to haul stuff. When do they expect this pipe dream will become a reality?

  • Parker H.

    Yes, please, where do I sign for one? I would like to drive the car of the future.

  • roger


    Just put high explosive placards on it. If anyone asks claim its for the Li batteries. Since I ride bicycles and I feel your angst. If its a convertible like the Carver, a short stick and mace-ball, clearly displayed, might make a Hummer owner think twice about getting too close. Ultra-modern car with medieval weapons…I like it. Unfortunately the CHP does not look favorably on machine gun armament. Black powder guns are a possibiity however.


  • jason nicole

    I would love to get one but the price could be a little less

  • GR

    One question:

    Does this company take cash or credit cards?

  • Mr, Martinez

    I will sale my 2007 nissan altima to get one of these vehicle. Is their going to be a e-mail news letter from this company when this vehicle is on the market for sale?

  • Scooter

    I live outside CA and am not allowed to put a deposit on an Aptera, I want one of these more…where can I get on the waiting list…I’ll make a deposit now! Take my money and use it to get me one sooner. I just paid $3.98 for diesel (I know, that’s cheap for some of you out there in Disneyland), and I’d rather get some mileage for it! At todays gas prices, and those predicted for this summer, you can bet there will be companies stepping up the hybrid development. Gimme some!

  • Chris Smith

    I already have my electricity produced in a combination of hydroelectric and wind turbine. My V1 will not pollute.

  • Drew

    how do i preorder on of these babies

  • ergest

    hello every1.. i would like to buy one.. i live in usa.. and i dont know where to buy one here.. if u have anyinfo where can i buy one.. please contact me

  • SDC_Dark_Raven

    I am going from one toy to another. I am putting my fully restored 1969 Pontiac GTO up for sale and I have already preregistered my V1. Fantastic concept, and I am not waiting very patiently!



  • Hermin J.

    Forget about the Aptera, I’m already sold to this VentureOne! Not only it’s sleek, have a smaller footprint than the Aptera, it’s faster and now my wife can’t say no anymore about me buying a motorcycle, it’s a car!!! ‘Hope it comes with airconditioning as it could get really hot inside! It took me less than 2 min. after reading the article to sign up.

  • rich

    Wrote to company, did not get a reply!

  • warren

    I love it I want one. Where can i get one?

  • David

    I want one……will it be coming down and (Australia) and when?

  • bill gates


  • M. Hefner

    lol…yeah I really did laugh out loud.

  • M. Hefner

    If i see any of you driving this..well anybody driving this…I WILL point and laugh.

    I would rather be poor and drive something that gets 18MPG than this.

  • DJ

    I LOVE this product. When will it be in production, and how can I get it in Chicago, USA?

  • Barry Brookens

    I want one!

  • Umair

    hahhahaha,,,, exactly same here my parents won’t let me have motorcycle,,,but this Ventureone is like motorcycle,,

  • Shijune

    It seems overly expensive to me. Particularly after seeing that a similar vehicle (the VW gx3) cost only 17,000 dlls.
    Yes, its economic… but the initial cost doesn’t really reflect that.

  • slappy

    This should be available as soon as possible. People waste so much resources driving around in SUV to work, store, city, or long commutes. I for one would sell my car as soon as this becomes available.

  • Common

    This is the 3rd car design I’ve seen, and the 2nd one I’ve heard of that is actually planned for production. I could see the gas version being very popular in the US. The EV model would only really be useful as a commuter vehicle here, depending on where you live and how far from work you are.

    For those wondering about the price, that totally depends on the local economy. If it is popular enough, the price will go down. Also, since battery technology has become more available and more common, the extra bill for that has come down. I would expect that trend to continue. It does not look like an unreasonable price tag when comparing it to a new motorcycle or a trike, considering what it has to offer.

  • A-Dawg

    I love the car/motorcycle but i have a few questions.

    1) Which is better the all electric, or the hybrid?

    2) By 2009 or 2010 how much will the price go down for say, a used one. (If it goes down at all)

    3) Where can I get one, because I live smack in the middle of the U.S. on the prarie.

    4) Will it need a motercycle liscence or a drivers. I am only 13 so the less wait the better. unless you count saving up…umm… yea my question still stands

    plese answer

  • A-Dawg

    yea uhh bill gates and M. Hefer whoops I mean… no wait I don’t. when you two are sitting at the pump with your gas guzzling machine watching the gas prices go up and up and up. We’ll all pull up in our VentureOne’s come out and say “Wow! we really haven’t been to one of these gas filler upper places in a while have we?” then we’ll see you and your car and be like “What kind of mileage does that thing get?” and you’ll say “Umm… well 5mpg” then WE’LL all point and laugh and puke. Okay maybe not puke.

  • A-Dawg

    I like the design in picture 6, I also love the steering wheel concept. Well, it’s not a wheel is it? But I think I mostly, well not mostly but this is a good reason, because I LOVE TO FLY! If there was someway to fly everywhere I’d do it. and this looks like this as close as I’m gonna get right now. My parents are going to say “Oh it’s not safe” or my father’s favorite expression “The smart cars aren’t so smart when your in a wreck.” well I hope when they see this, they’ll like the safety ratings. OR they may just find it in they’re driveway one morning.

  • Chuck

    I need a car like this…. Where, when and how soon can I get one of these?

  • Asa

    Now if they can only make that small hybrid generation engine CNG…

  • wook kwon

    Front end look different than the main pic.
    Would it be changed when distributed in 2009?
    Where do I put up for waiting list?
    How long it takes to recharge from close to empty to full?
    I am anxious about this one. Will purchase two!

    Los Angeles area

  • Mark G

    I want one…. I need one!

    I have a Porsche Boxster S… but this looks like it’s way fun to drive, and I would drive this Venture One all day and all night without worrying about the fuel cost. I had a Kawasaki ZX6, but I think I’d rather have this than a sport-bike because it’s a lot more useful for day-to-day transportation. I can already see it parked in the garage next to the Porsche! At 4 bucks a gallon (last time I looked), I’d use the Venture a lot more!

  • Mark G

    BMW has been working on 3-wheeler for some time, recent one is called the ‘Clever’, but I think I like this more… especially with electric power. I think you’ll sell a million of these V1’s. I just saw the V1 on a TV spot and then looked them up on YouTube. I remember reading about the Carver a couple of years ago after seeing it on a car show and I wanted it then. I’m glad to see it’s going into production in the States! The time is right.

  • David

    I am from the Phoenix Arizona area and love this but wanted to know about AC as I see you are sitting in a solar bubble. When can we expect one and how does one get on the list.

  • KMJ

    I’d love one. Who would service it, though? I live in Southeastern Michigan

  • Mikazo

    Can you put a rocket launcher on it?

  • me!

    It is a great idea and I really would love one, but I have a feeling it will be like every other electric car.

    1. Either it will be too expensive for any average person to afford… or
    2. They will only lease it to a small number of people, probably from southern California.

    I wish it wasnt’ true but I have been looking to buy an electric car for almost a year and every company says it is in the ‘future’. They can make them now, they made them ten years ago when California came out with the zero emissions law, so why does it have to be in the future?

    p.s. everyone who thinks they will be able to actually buy one of these needs to watch “Who Killed The Electric Car.”

  • Anonymous

    What are you talking about

  • Ted

    I would like to see it priced closer to $15,000… and what about storage? Would there be a (small) trailer provision? Otherwise, the backseat would be the only (limited). I would consider buying one but probably wouldn’t use it during winter driving conditions unless it were very stable.

    I wonder why the two wheels aren’t in the front instead of the rear? Seems handling/steering could be improved if the two wheels where turning along with the leaning. And, with two front wheels, perhaps the cockpit could be two seats across… with one rear seat or hatch? Just a thought.

  • todd griffin

    I want a VentureOne – when and where can I purchase one?

  • Heath Henley SSG US Army

    where do I sign I want one asap

  • ross lentz

    I found a site to pre-reserve one

  • Jimmy, USA

    I’ve been looking for a sports car to purchase in the next few months, but I would gladly wait for this! Question is, I am 6’3″ tall and weigh 220 lbs. Can anyone tell me if this vehicle will fit someone my size? Thanks!

  • Miracleman89

    to all interested in this amazing vehicle you can check out there company website at or check out the club website where venture one enthusiasts gather at Either site has a lot of valuable information and at the club if you have a question just ask, many of us may already have an answer and if we don’t we will try to get you one! Also many of you should check out the latest images from fly the road, the concept has come a long way and looks much better now!

    BTW Jimmy, you should be good! As for the person worried about it being like the other electric car, you can relax because Ian Bruce the founder won’t let that happen!

    Deputy Administrator for the fly the road club!

  • punkgothdoc

    Received an email from the fly the road website regarding possible pricing. Was really excited about this car priced at $18000 but at $23,000 not so much anymore. Will most likely wait for the full sized versions, with the same milage capabiity, that are slated to come out in 2-3 years from othe r car companies.

  • Jay Allen

    I want one, and I just want to know when will it be availabile in the USA in Virginia?

  • gabe

    that is cool ! wow that ie great! but we are for getting one thing! half of america is overwieght , and many – thousand’s of people will not fit in your cars! so start thinking big seater more room lets make a car that a 500lbs man can fit and drive than you’ll make more money! than other companies because you will open the door to every body in america ! yes we are fat

  • Bill Jones

    Call me when you have a four wheel electric only family sedan with normal trunk space, hitch capacity, 200 mile range per charge,4 hour charge time and priced under $15,000.

  • Gene

    I could not agree more Love the car but for all you guys expecting to “Get away from the Oil” how do you think we are making the electricity to plug the car in? Power plants have used the same tech for 100 years we are all still running on steam power!

  • brad

    Jay, I was wondering the same thing but the website says it’s a 2010 roll out in CA only, and that’s been pushed back who knows how many times.

    I pre-ordered about a year ago and the only thing I’ve heard from them since is a request to take a poll (I didn’t take it). I take this as a reflection of the type of customer care we can expect and will probably pass when this thing is finally released in VA…in 2020…if I’m still alive…and the world isn’t ruled by apes.

  • Elaine Sumrall

    I have a 2001 Toyota Prius with over 200,000 miles. I love it but I am looking for one better. This looks very attractive to me. I weigh 150 # and my husband weighs 200#. We are retired and travel light. We live in South Mississippi. Where is the closest available dealer or outlet for this vehicle?

  • Jessica Main

    I would kill someone in front of their own mama to get me one of these.


    just kidding… but seriously, I would do almost anything to get one.

  • ACAGal

    GM has taken the bunt of the blame, but today I ran into another source, who said the Nickel Hydride battery that powered the REVs, was bought by Chevron. Chevron stopped production of that battery….the same Chevron that just made mega profits, the same Chevron that claims to be so friendly and is currently working with new technologies in Lithium Batteries.

  • Donald

    I love this car’s design! I put in a pre-order some time ago, but their roll out date was pushed out. Still, I would wait in line to get one.

  • warren

    I love the look of this vehicle and also appreciate the fuel efficiency the hybrid promises. I participated in the pre order survey and am curious when the actual release will be and in what areas will it be available. I would also be interested in helping in local introduction/promotion and advertising if this is available. I think the Ventureone will be received very well especially with the commuting crowd. Here in the suburbs of DFW there are a lot. I have already been talking to my friends as well as fellow workers/commuters everyone seems interested especially regarding the fuel efficiency, but some are a little skeptical. I can’t wait till the release. Please keep me informed.

  • Ronald Sebilo-Tibbits

    Yah! so, where are they?
    How do you get one?

  • Verne

    Anybody know what happened to the Fly In The Road forum

  • Badger

    How cramped are the insides for an average-sized man. 5’10- 190lbs. How about the rear seat? Headroom



  • Mal Kirk

    How long is the waiting list?



  • DJ

    Do you need a tester for the
    florida market?? If so let me know

  • Luke

    Persu Mobility (formerly Venture Vehicles) Has pushed back the production date because of a redesign in their drive train. Actually it is a whole new drive train design, with that the estimated mpg has dropped to 70mpg (if you have a first generation Honda Insight you would not be saving money by getting a Persu.)
    Persu has not released the new production date even though it has been almost a year since they announced that they are pushing back the 2009 production date. Many wonder if the Persu Hybrid will ever make it to market.

  • Paul Grandon

    The hype is good, but I am still patiently waiting to see anything more than marketing. Where can I touch one? Where can I buy one?



  • Pit Strähl

    Hi every body. I am a Carver One owner in Switzerland. The Carver One, for whom it may don’t know it, is the father of Venture One. It is like a drug, sorry for take this exemple, but be carfully – you get addicted to it. The Venture One, once it is really ready to buy it, could be the big step in the right direction, in sense of ocology and fun at the same time. So even we here il old Europe are looking forward to its completition and selling start of the green vehicle. Go on Venture One Crew. Greetings from Switzerland, yours Pit

  • Reginald W. Farr

    This vehicle looks & sounds great.
    But I have a question about safety.
    What is the fail safe, if any, for the tilt mech.?
    I would hate to be leaning into a hard turn or be comming to a hard turn @ speed & have the hydraulic system fail & sail into the woods the face of a cliff or open air.

  • ev lane

    I think many visitors to this page may be motorcyclists seeking the next logical evolutionary step of their rides, while others may be seeking a “greener” solution to our developing crisis of over-reliancv on the internal combustion engine. The Venture One/Persu offers an interim solution via combining a small combustion pony engine with emerging electric propulsion techonolgy. I am somewhat surprised that the folks representing major motorcyclle firms have not camped on to this technology. The mere fact that individuals continue to follow this vehicle’s development 2 years later indicates a fairly high level of support. While I understand Carver filed bankruptcy several weeks ago, I suspect that Venture/Persu needs to get marketing support. We can move this product to market, if we try.

  • Jon

    I’d love something like this, as a safer alternative to motorcycles. It’s frustrating that these companies can’t get these vehicles into production. People would be willing to pay good money for this stuff!

  • shareware

    This is all vaporware. Really sad actually. I was looking forward to buying one of these. But given the time already taken in its “design” phase when there already exists a proof of concept and marketability in the Carver, the probability that this vehicle will come into production is very small if not zero.

  • Nytrains

    I have been waiting anxiously for the V1. It holds the promise of a fun vehicle to drive, while saving money, and reducing emissions all in one package. I’ll keep waiting and hoping that it comes together and the politicos don’t kill it before it is born.

  • Steve Williams

    Is the Venture One 3-wheel hybrid version available? If so, where?

  • PhxPrius

    This article should be amended to prominently display the link to the current website:

    Only if people actually start finding out about this (and demanding it) will it actually get into production.

  • Tim141

    It’s 2010 where is thing?

  • DJ

    ATTENTION Venture Vehicle!!! I’m interested in a dealership. Please email me ASAP. I’m serious.

  • Phillip Heuerman

    HELLO! Where can I buy a venture vehicle, or 2!! Please send me this info, I have researched Swift Engineering, Cal Motors, Automotive Marketing Consultants, and A123Systems and cannot find anything on your vehicles.


  • Bobby Williams

    Who can I contact for information on purchasing and test driving the V1?

  • Felix

    I’m not sure about that, but I’ve got some nice beachfront property in Florida I’m sure you’ll be interested in.

    This thing will never make it to market. If Carver had a working version that could pass US safety tests, anybody with any sense would have put that into the market without the hybrid system in order to prove the concept, establish dealerships, and get the cash flow to fund hybrid development.

    The fact that they didn’t do that tells be either they are complete goofballs or else the basic product can’t pass US safety standards. Either way, it ain’t happening.

  • Danm

    I agree with Felix, I have been following this for over two years now and still none to be had. It’s a fluke.. money making scheme for no delivery.

  • Christopher Lebron

    I have actuallty been looking at these cars/motorcycles for a long time now and every time I see it i just get more and more excited, I cant wait to see them on the road. I have always want to try a motorcycle but forget that, theses are and on top of that there green.

  • Trevor Perry

    I want one. How much would it cost to have one shipped to the US?

  • Michael Howe

    Does anyone know where I can get one from in the UK?


    Is it possible to have one shipped to the UK?

  • darrell king

    the company went bust! the people that makes the technology is still running but for now no go on the bike. If there is any one with the company there let people know what is going on and you will have a better rep. with your customer

  • joseph

    were can I see/buy one.

  • Joey

    The company that had this bike in the UK carver went bust. Now the company that had the rights for this in the us Venture went bust. Now the bike is in Germany with no release date set. It seems that there is a curse on this beautiful machine. I just pray that if the German company goes bust one of the big names will pick this bike up so we can finally get them on the road.

  • r3d wolf

    this is been going on for years, come on guys, i want my bike!!!

  • Kelvin Kittrell

    I have been watching and waiting patiently I am ready to by even if the MPG is not 70 or even 50 I want one please don’t let this disappear. As I see it to being just a doorway to better things into the future trust me the interest is there

  • Chuck

    The VentureOne is now called Persu Mobility. Their website is out of date and they aren’t replying to e-mail inquiries, but the company still exists and they are persuing additional funding. They need to obtain at least $50,000,000 to get this to market. Given the current market environment, their success is not guaranteed.

    In a best case scenario, this vehicle will reach the market after other well established companies begin production on their EV’s.

  • David

    Why don’t they just go back to the original ventureone/ carved car design? It’s abilities are way better and it looks cooler too. They were on the right track with it, and now they seem to be going backwards

  • Zorro

    Let us not forget the corporate crimes by companies like GM when they killed the electric car (EV1) heavily sponsored by big oil companies.
    I´m definitely going electric next time I´m in the market for a car, but making sure that I research the company´s history.
    The corporate world needs to learn the term “Blow-back”.
    Let´s stand together and force companies to start acting ethically.

  • Anonymous

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  • Adam

    First saw these when top gear reviewed the Carver. Was really sad when I read that Carver Engineering (or tech, i forget which) went bust 🙁 Now I read they are being developed by a US company…does that mean we won’t see a European version?

  • salinas

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  • salinas

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  • Jubei

    Too bad its a dead dream. This car seemed the most viable and affordable one to date. Never left the concept design to anything else… Shame that we can’t even get something like this built by the all powerful big three automakers.

  • goldwing parts

    WOW! This Moto is amazing. At first I thought it was a hybrid enclosed motorcycle but then I noticed it has 3 wheels. I have a Honda Goldwing and have upgraded many of my goldwing parts. It’s an awesome bike but this VentureOne is beyond awesome!

  • jimpeel

    The Carver went out of business which is sad. They had a non-hybrid three wheeler that was so impressive that I was hot to trot to get one. My wife saw it and said that I had better buy two of them.

    I am not really game to own an electric vehicle of any kind. Their range really sucks. On top of everything else that is wrong with them, they would overload the electric grid; and with this administration being so energy unfriendly where would the power come from to support EVs if they became the dominant vehicle of choice?

  • jim allen

    When, “o-god” when ? I have worn out two motorcycles waiting on you people. get It together b/4 I dye of old age !……. my time is running out!…old timer.——-

  • Don Gerhardt

    I plan to build a 3 wheel delta leaning electric trike based on the GM Lean Machine that my friend Jerry Williams worked on. It will initially be available in kit form. The basic specs are:
    1. 1 person
    2. 70 mph speed capable
    3. Enclosed body with removable top
    4. Safe
    5. Fun
    6. 1KW Honda generator to extend range
    I would appreciate help in the following areas:
    1. Selection of an electric motor
    2. Method to build a body with low tooling cost and low labor costs
    We can make this vehicle happen.
    Don Gerhardt

  • jonezy

    I want one where do I line up to purchase one? This is much needed and I am very excited to get one as soon as available. Please keep me informed.

  • Dave Chappelle

    I would like to know how to contact the company that would be building them in the US. I have my order in and can’t wait to get on. I heard through the grape vine that they will start building limited numbers of the vehicle in late 2012, let’s hope so.

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    Not only that, but we will be saving on fuel costs, and not spending any more than if we bought another harley! Go VentureOne go! Now I am holding off for the V1, my wife and I can ride inside from the elements now and still have the fun of a bike.