Valve Adjustment Intervals

Like many Honda’s, the valves on the Insight are screw-and-jamb-nut-style. Up until 1993, most Honda’s had a valve adjustment interval of every 15,000 miles. In 1994, most Honda vehicles switched to intervals of every 30,000 miles. In 2001, despite still using the screw-and-jamb-nut-style valve adjustment, Honda went to a 105,000 mile interval on most of their cars, including the Insight. Honda has been wrong about their valve adjustment intervals before–the 1997-2001 CRV being a prime example. It’s too early to tell whether the 105K interval will prove detrimental to the long term health of the Insight’s engine. One hybrid technology trainer, Craig VanBattenberg, recommends adjusting the valves every 30,000 miles. We’re inclined to agree.

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