US company produces super-clean 'GDiesel'

In the effort to come up with domestically self-reliant and environmentally friendly energy sources, as many are aware, no magic bullet has yet been devised, but a number of approaches are being tried from electric to hybrid to alternative fuels.

Under this latter category, a privately held Nevada company, Advanced Refining Concepts, LLC (ARC), has been ramping up its production of its “GDiesel” since it incorporated in 2008.

It has been progressively gaining acceptance for what is essentially an alternative diesel fuel that burns with fewer emissions, is cost competitive, and does not seem to have any downside as diesel fuels go.

For starters, ARC says its customers report improved engine performance and increased mileage per gallon while reducing the carbon footprint over traditional diesel fuel.

The fuel requires no changes to engines or vehicles for use, is compatible with existing fuel storage and dispensing equipment, and to date tens of millions of gallons have been sold for use in autos, trucks, forklifts – any machine that requires diesel.

It has thus far been selling mostly through Nevada fuel stations and distributorships.

The company says GDiesel is produced by a “ClearRefining” process combining methane – either sourced as natural gas or as a byproduct of landfill waste – with diesel to significantly clean it up.

Emissions are reduced by removing most of the sulfur and mineral particulate matter that normally produce soot and heavy black smoke associated with regular diesel.

“The ClearRefining process significantly modifies the asymmetric hydrocarbon distribution of traditional fuel sources,” ARC says, “producing a more symmetric distribution that heavily favors lower molecular weight hydrocarbon components.”

The refining method is said to be efficient, patented, and a closed-loop catalytic process that therefore produces zero emissions. Further, the refining takes place at low pressure (less than 10 psi), and low temperature (less than 300 deg. F) which contribute to its safety.

“The ClearRefining units are assembled exclusively by the Company using components from qualified vendors and high-tech manufacturing processes including advanced robotics,” ARC says of modular fuel-producing units.

The company says this relatively benign process is itself a cost savings, as is the market price of methane, which helps average out the cost of the GDiesel product to be competitive with other commercial diesels.

At present, ARC says it churns out up to 200,000 gallons of GDiesel per day, and plans are to increase capacity to one million gallons per day, as well as increase production of its “GPetrol” and “GJet” fuels.

What is more, unlike so many alternative energy endeavors, the company is self-funded, and not being subsidized by the government.

Advanced Refining Concepts is a family business run by Dr. Rudolf Gunnerman and Peter Gunnerman. It says the family has brought other clean energy technologies to market over the past four decades, and is now focused on marketing GDiesel, which it says is “The world’s best diesel fuel.”

Peter Gunnerman says the company represents a U.S.-based entrepreneurial effort that is gaining market acceptance by offering a superior product at a competitive price.

In addition to its Sparks, Nev. headquarters, the company operates a refinery in McCarran, Nev., an equipment assembly plant in Sparks, Nev., and a marketing office in Vienna, Austria.

For more information check out the company’s Web site.

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  • plumbing

    Wow. This is a great news, having said that it is “super clean” means that it is beneficial for the environment and for all of us. I continue to hope for a greener and cleaner future.

  • Max Reid

    I think G-Diesel is 2/3 PetroDiesel and 1/3 Methane combined together. So it effectively replaced 1/3 of the Crude Oil with Methane (Natgas). Wow, this is wonderful. USA has plenty of natgas, so we should start using G-Diesel on a wider scale and this will cut down the foreign oil consumption.

    200,000 gallons / day means 1,000,000 gallons / week (5 days/week) and thats 52,000,000 gallons / year. Annual Diesel Fuel market in this country is 60,000,000,000. So GDiesel approaches 0.1 % and thats really good.

  • Joe

    American Ingenuity without the U.S. Government poking its nose into everything.

  • Max Reid

    Ideally US Govt should have done R&D and found this type of fuel and distributed it to everyone. But unfortunately its controlled by Oil companies and so they wont.

    Luckily this private entrepreneur has done this. Hope they start selling the GPetrol also. We can drive it feeling that 1/3 of the fuel is domestic Methane.

  • Joe

    Government can’t agree on anything and private ethical companies are more responsible than the U.S. Government. The wrong type of green has been brought to American Capitalism, give people the incentives to save greenbacks and then they will go green but they will not as long as the cost outway their savings!

  • James Davis

    Does all these comments made by those people (Joe, Max Reed and Plumbing) work for the company or for GM (Government Motors). I haven’t seen that kind of happiness about a dirty fossil fuel or heard or read that many lies about it being clean and healthy for the environment since GW Bush was in office. Isn’t it a bit weird that GM (Government Motors) talks about how all America is begging for diesel vehicles and they will be coming out with a incredible diesel vehicle that all America will love and it will be priced where every American can afford it at a meer $70,000.00…and then this article comes out with this remarkable super clean diesel that is going to be very competitive with dirty diesel and all America will love it.

    -the company is self-funded, and not being subsidized by the government.- That sounds like a really big lie. All fossil fuel is funded and subsidized by the government. -benign process- how is that possible when you are using methane on a very dirty fossil fuel?

    GM (Government Motors) is as pathetic as their conservative supporters.

  • Judge Hardy

    I wonder where you could find independent analysis of the process and products to back up their claims?

  • RobertT

    I just wish they would sell the patent or take outside investment to make this fuel available to the entire country. Their goal is to produce 300,000 gallons/year and it simply isn’t enough. All refineries should be retrofitted with this technology.