U.S. Capitol To Have Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The Committee on House Administration approved yesterday a bill (H.R. 1402) calling for the installation of electric-vehicle charging stations in the Capitol parking lots. This according to an article found on the Electric Drive Transportation Association’s Web site (EDTA).

Rep. Dale Kildee (D-Mich.), who brought forth the bill, is hopeful that it “will make owning electric vehicles more accessible for consumers and encourage others to install charging stations.”

His office also believes that the bill will see floor time rather quickly – in fact, by the end of the month. The companion bill (S.739) concerning Senate parking facilities was already passed in full by the Senate in May.

The approved bill will have the Architect of the Capitol set up charging stations for staff and members since many currently own plugins. However, there are currently no charging stations in the Capitol lots.

The bill was passed by a voice vote, along with an amendment stating that the architect must submit a report on any charging fees as well as examine whether any driver will be able to receive a taxpayer subsidy while using the stations. And because users will pay a charging fee, the bill’s installation costs would be completely offset. While outside vendors will build the stations, the Architect of the Capitol will charge fees to cover maintenance.


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