University Starts Electric Route Between Montreal And Sherbrooke

The Electric Circuit announced the signing of a partnership agreement with the Université de Sherbrooke to roll-out five new public charging stations for electric vehicles.

These public charging stations will be installed in the coming weeks and the university hopes it will encourage drivers to opt for plug-in electric vehicles, while meeting the university’s vehicle charging needs at night.

The university will install three charging stations in Sherbrooke – one at the main campus; one at the health campus and one at the Parc Innovation; one in Bromont, at the new MiQro Innovation Collaborative Centre (C2MI); as well as one at its Longueuil campus, located on Montréal’s south shore.

These charging stations will create the start of an electric route between Montréal and the Montérégie and Estrie regions.

For the Université de Sherbrooke, joining The Electric Circuit contributes to “maintaining the university at the cutting edge of innovation in sustainable mobility, and is in line with the sustainable development orientations of the university’s strategic plan, Réussir 2010-2015,” said Professor Alain Webster, vice president of Sustainable Development and Government Relations.

This move is also great news for the community says the university in a release, as 90 percent of students and employees are in favor of installing charging stations and purchasing more electric vehicles, based on the recent survey about sustainable mobility strategies. In addition, this orientation complements the research development strategy on transportation electrification, an important research vector, especially at the faculty of engineering.

“We are delighted with the arrival of the Université de Sherbrooke as a new member of The Electric Circuit,” said Pierre-Luc Desgagné, Hydro-Québec’s Senior Director – Strategic Planning, on behalf of The Electric Circuit’s founding partners. “This entry into the Estrie region allows us to increase our service offering and extend it to the three points of the Montréal-Québec-Sherbrooke triangle, cities that form an important geographic and economic hub in Québec.”

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