UK Exotic Car Designer Builds Innovative T.27 City EV

A car designer better known for his work on super-fast machines like the McLaren F1 and Brabham F1 racers has turned his considerable talents toward super-frugal electric city transportation.

Yesterday, Gordon Murray revealed his company’s T.27 minicar in London, saying it is a new kind of car designed to answer challenges of CO2 emissions, tight parking, city congestion, and cost.

The Gordon Murray Design project was made in only 17 months with a budget of $14.5 million and employs an all-electric powertrain by Zytek Automotive Ltd.

It was built with a manufacturing process Murray calls “iStream” that reportedly facilitates light weight structures while delivering relatively excellent safety.

“[L]ightweight is the most powerful tool we have in our armory in the fight against emissions and fuel consumption,” Murray said, “This is true of all cars, especially electric vehicles, since a lightweight car means a lightweight battery, increasing the levels of safety and reducing the retail price dramatically.”

Powered by a 25-kW motor and 12.5-kWh Li-Ion battery, the vehicle weighs only 1,500 pounds, and achieves a top speed of 65 mph. Its 0-62 mph speed is said to be under 15 seconds, and its range varies from 100-130 miles depending on driving conditions.

The company said the car has already proven itself safe and economical to operate.

In crash testing, the T.27 showed good structural integrity and design by getting high marks in the EuroNCAP 50 km/h impact crash test.

As for cost of operation, Murray said per kilometer, the T.27 uses 29-percent less energy than a Smart EV, beats the Mitsubishi iMiEV by using 36-percent less energy, and crushes the Mini-E by using 86-percent less energy.

The company said it is therefore the world’s most efficient electric car.

Pricing has not been set as the car is only a prototype due for manufacture.

Gordon Murray Design said it is talking with three potential manufacturers and will show the car on the road in November at the RAC Future Car Challenge.

Source: CarScoop

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  • Rong544

    Safety? As long as you hit a barrier as in the picture. God help you if you hit another moving car. And esthetics? Can you say BUTT UGLY?

  • Shines

    Safety is relative especially considering the size of this thing. I am sure it is safer than a motorcycle. As far as the looks – OK it is wierd looking but I think it looks better than the iMiEV or the Smart.
    I think they’ll need to come up with something a bit larger if they want to sell many in the US…

  • James Davis

    Sure “Rong544”, it’s ugly, but have you looked at American cars lately…I mean, really looked at them? You forget that the Brits and Americans are cousins and their artistic tastes are similar. That car wouldn’t look bad in black. I wish America would supply all of the cities taxi services with a car like that. With a supercharger, it can be charged in less than an hour; just ask Canada. They are supplying all their roads right now with super charge stations to get ready for an influx of electric cars by the end of this year.

  • Rong544

    The only way this car would look good is in a dark garage at night.

  • tapra1

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