Two Generations Of Rogue Sharing 2014 Showroom Floor

Nissan announced that the current-generation Rogue CUV will continue in the company’s American lineup for the immediate future, alongside the new generation Rogue.

Renamed the Rogue Select, it is slated to go on sale in January 2014 at a base M.S.R.P. of less than $20,000 (USD) at Nissan dealers U.S.-wide.

Nissan said the Rogue Select complements the completely redesigned Rogue, which debuted on September 10.

The strategy behind this move is to satisfy demand for this popular compact sports utility vehicle, currently second-highest seller in Nissan’s lineup, as well as provide customers an additional choice in the segment.

In 2012, Rogue sold 142,349 units of the original Rogue in the U.S., while in 2013 sales have increased 16 percent through August.

“As the compact SUV segment is becoming very specialized, there is an opening for a low-cost, high-content offering, which is a gap that Rogue Select will fill,” said Fred Diaz, divisional vice president, Sales and Marketing, Nissan North America, Inc. “Rogue Select will allow Nissan to continue its strong performance in the segment, which will only get stronger once the all-new, U.S.-built 2014 Rogue goes on sale.”

This strategy is not new for Nissan. Of memory, it had done so with the Sentra compact in the early ‘90s, selling a previous generation as the Sentra classic alongside the new generation.

The all-new Rogue is assembled in Smyrna, Tenn., while the current-generation vehicle is built in Kyushu, Japan, where the Rogue Select will also be assembled.

More detailed information about Rogue Select, including equipment levels and pricing, will be available closer to its on-sale date.

The main image of this article showcases the new Rogue Select. The following image shows the new-gen Rogue:


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