Two California Daily Rental Agencies Add Sprinter To Offering

Since its inception, MPG Car Rental has focused exclusively on electric, clean diesel and hybrid rental options.

Being dedicated to providing an eco-friendly car rental – hybrid, electric, diesel or otherwise, for every travel need has the company adding a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van to their all green fleet.

This comes two weeks after the daily rental company announced it added a Tesla Model S.

The company said it has amassed the largest and most diverse variety of vehicles in Los Angeles for hybrid car rental.

The Diesel-powered Sprinter van was preceded by Jetta TDi Wagon as well as a VW Beetle TDi.

MPG Car Rental said it is placed firmly at the forefront of clean diesel technology with the addition of the hearty 12-passenger Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van to their fleet.

With a six-foot tall side door entry way, riders find entering the Sprinter Van to be quick and easy, and transporting bulky cargo is a breeze.

Not surprisingly, the clean diesel Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van was voted best in class, and stands as an ideal addition to an already exceptional vehicle selection.

With their new Sprinter Van, MPG Car Rental said it continues the work it has done for years, helping to put an end to antiquated views regarding the performance of eco-friendly vehicles.

At MPG Car Rental, you’ll find earth-friendly vehicles that never focus on energy efficiency at the expense of style, comfort or speed, said the company.

Meanwhile, California Rent-A-Car is also adding the Sprinter to its fleet.

California Rent-A-Car said the Mercedes Sprinter Van is an outstanding example of how the company goes the extra mile in terms of selection. Strikingly large and spacious, the vehicle boasts a high enough ceiling that a relatively tall person (6’3″ or under) can walk upright inside; that’s not possible for anyone over 4’3″ in most vans.

California Rent-A-Car  also stated that the Sprinter is also amazingly easy to maneuver around city streets for a van of its size. All in all, it said, reviewers believe the Sprinter ranks well above all vans from the well-known American auto makers.

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