Tuners Pimp Out Honda CR-Z Hybrid in Las Vegas (Gallery)

Twelve modified 2011 Honda CR-Z sport hybrid coupes were unveiled today at the 2010 SEMA (specialty equipment) Show in Las Vegas. Honda placed a strong claim on the tuner tradition of the classic Honda CRX, which served as inspiration for the CR-Z hybrid.

“With the CR-Z sport hybrid coupe, drivers can achieve the great efficiency of a hybrid car without giving up the fun that many demand from a sporty car,” said Bruce Smith, Honda vice president of parts operations. Honda’s gambit with the CR-Z is to create a blend of performance, style, fun and green—pushing hybrid cars further out of a pure eco-oriented sphere to a mainstream market that sees green simply as another aspect of a car’s coolness.

Honda announced that it will begin sales of a limited-edition MUGEN accessory kit for the vehicle in spring 2011. Sales will be limited to only 300 complete kits.

Honda also unveiled two concept vehicles from HPD: the CR-Z Hybrid R Concept and the HPD CR-Z Racer. Though neither vehicle is intended for sale, HPD, Honda’s North American racing company, showed the potential of the CR-Z for both street and racing performance. Other vehicles on display demonstrated currently available Honda accessories.

Reaching out to the import community, Honda invited independent vehicle tuners to build and display their CR-Z hybrid concepts at the SEMA Show. Tuners were asked to push the limits to improve fuel economy and performance with their creations.

Have Hybrids Ever Looked This Cool?

Honda CR-Z

The 2011 HPD CR-Z Racer

Honda CR-Z

The Bisimoto Engineering 2011 CR-Z project vehicle

Honda CR-Z

The Konig Wheels 2011 CR-Z

Honda CR-Z

The 2011 Honda CR-Z equipped with MUGEN accessories

Honda CR-Z

The Eibach Springs 2011 CR-Z project vehicle

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  • Matt Chatham

    Niiice. I’m glad the CR-Z seems to be answering the call for a less “hybrid-looking” hybrid.

  • Shines

    Nice!! I’ll take 2 for the price of a Volt…

  • JamesDavis

    Now, those look nice and I know it didn’t take a rocket scientist to make them look that good. It still dumbfounds me in how the big three American auto makers come to convinced themselves that beauty no longer sales and they can build hybrids and electrics that looks like they belong in a circus with clowns crawling out of them and the American people will buy them in mass.

    I have a few words for the three American auto makers: “You are idiots in believing that America stopped wanting to buy beautiful things or wanting to be seen in beautiful cars.”

    I still think that the 60’s Ford Cobra was a beautiful car and it would make a beautiful electric car. I think the Ford Mustang, 2005, is a beautiful car, which I own one now, and would/could make a beautiful electric car. If Ford would make the Cobra or Mustang an all electric car, I would stay a Ford lover the rest of my life.

  • Sophie

    I love you CR-Z!! <3 <3

  • tom

    i love the way those cars look their s awesome<333!

  • Shines

    I kinda agree with James Davis. Ford could put the Fusion hybrid system in the Mustang with a larger electric motor for better performance and make it a plug in and get much better mpg. It would be a better version of the CRZ – safer, quieter, more comfortable and still looks great.

  • Ed Mandler

    I purchased my CR-Z EX CVT on October 8th. It is just awesome. I just returned from a trip to the Grand Canyon. The car is just so solid and I achieved nearly 45 mpg. I used the 3 different driving modes. I love the car.

    Thanks Honda

  • CK

    I have a 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid. 40+ average mileage and it looks just like all the other Fusions. No ‘hybridy’ appearance but great mileage in a modern style. I think Ford is getting it.

  • Deborah

    I got my CR-Z the day after Thanksgiving. I fell in love with it (my first new car was a 86 CRX Si when I was 17) but then I read reviews and worried I would hate it. The hubby and I took it for a test drive and knew within minutes it was the car for us. We have a minivan and Trans Am. We have a pretty long commute. The CR-Z lets us have more fun driving than the TA even (unless ya wanna really fly by someone), looks good, makes you feel like you are in your own little bubble and has the best dashboard I have ever come across. This car is so much better than my CRX, of which I remember so fondly.

    Two small cons – kind of worthless cupholders but there isn’t room to put them anywhere so it is understandable (hey, I have a minivan that has 13) – bad blind spots but not that much different than the CRX models of the early 90’s since the back is really similar.

    Oh, my husband is 6’2″ and he has more legroom in the CR-Z than the TA.

    It is crazy how this little car makes ya want to drive just a little more mellow, enjoy the ride and watch your little gauges reward you with good score. Awesome car!! It was the one I had been waiting for – a fun hybrid.

  • Tony Sellers

    You see theres were your wrong. who would want a american made muscle car as a hybrid. yah that sounds nice!! but the engine certaintly wont!! Sorry but i have to disagree.

  • CPT Howdy

    “…the big three American auto makers …build hybrids and electrics that looks like they belong in a circus with clowns crawling out of them and the American people will buy them in mass.”

    Actually, those butt-ugly electric cars DON’T sell. That’s the problem. One must then wonder if that’s an accident. Not to sound paranoid, but what better way to make sure a concept never catches on than by demonstrating its lack of marketability? This is a major reason why we’re still addicted to petroleum. This won’t change until SOMEONE builds sexy cars that DON’T use gasoline.