Transit Goes Hybrid In San Francisco

Hybrid buses are heading towards San Francisco.

New Flyer Industries Inc. announced today that the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority (“SFMTA”), which oversees all transportation in the City, including the Municipal Railway (MUNI), has approved the purchase of 45 heavy-duty 40-foot Xcelsior diesel-electric hybrid buses.

New Flyer has a long-standing relationship with San Francisco that dates back to 1988, with approximately 190 diesel and electric trolley buses being built and delivered since then. San Francisco has a total fleet size today of approximately 800 buses and trolleys, with New Flyer buses representing approximately 8 percent of the active fleet.

The 45 new Xcelsior hybrids will replace 13 year old buses currently in service.

SFMTA will purchase buses from an umbrella contract with the procurement department of another US State that enables the assignment of up to 500 options to any US transit agency.

“Investing in infrastructure and operations will help improve and sustain our transit service for the long term,” said San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee. “These new hybrids demonstrate our commitment to a green and clean future for our City’s transit system and will help improve transit times and rider experience.”

Pending final approval from the SFMTA’s Board of Supervisors, production of these 40-foot Xcelsior hybrid buses is anticipated to begin in early 2013 and will be manufactured and assembled bumper-to-bumper in New Flyer’s US manufacturing facility at St. Cloud, Minn.

All buses are expected to be delivered by the end of the summer 2013.

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