Toyota’s Prius Enters Bristol Airport’s Taxi Fleet

Toyota’s Prius is gaining momentum both here in North America and in Europe.

After being declared California’s most popular car, the Prius is now being added to Checker Cars’ Taxi fleet on the other side of the Atlantic.

Airport taxi service Checker Cars has added four Toyota Prius to its fleet of cars operating out of Bristol Airport. The taxi company declared the move supports its strategy to lower vehicle emissions at all the sites where it operates.

The full hybrid Prius was chosen in part because it can be powered solely by its electric motor at lower speeds, which means zero fuel consumption and zero tailpipe emissions at low speeds around the airport or waiting for clients. Plus, in the UK the Prius’ carbon dioxide emissions are rated at 92g/km with a combined fuel economy of 70.6 mpg.

“Our environmental policy is to reduce emissions wherever possible, and we’re also looking for greater economy in the operation of our fleet, because with fuel prices as they are that’s becoming more and more important” said David Crouch, Managing Director Checker Cars. “We are also committed to the airports’ drive for lessening our effect on the local environment.”

The cars added to the fleet, all T3grade, have been supplied through Hills Toyota of Woodford Green in Essex.

Peter Downes, Bristol Airport’s Commercial Manager (Ground Transportation) declared “the arrival of the new Prius cars represents the latest phase of a rolling fleet replacement program which will ensure Checker Cars continues to operate one of the newest, safest and most environmentally friendly taxi fleets on the road today.”

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