Toyota Videos Spread The Word On RAV4 EV

Toyota has been issuing videos to get the word out for its California-market RAV4 EV, designed in collaboration with Tesla using its electric motor drive technology.

As revealed in Los Angeles in May, the just over $50,000 vehicle is said to offer range of approximately 100 miles, charging time of approximately six hours using a 240-volt/40-amp fast home charger, and is much sleeker than the early electric RAV4.

The new front-wheel drive RAV4 EV was designed in California where it is for now to be exclusively sold, and it is being built in Canada instead of the home market.

It is estimated that about 750 of the 1997-2003 Japanese-made electric RAV4s are still on the road, in the hands of often loyal fans. This new model boasts a 0-60 time of 8.6 seconds in normal mode, and 7 seconds in sport, a virtual quantum leap from the 18 seconds estimated for the early model.

Following are three of the five videos thus far produced by Toyota, and narrated by its Sheldon Brown, executive program manager Product Development Office, Toyota Technical Center.

The first gives some background on the collaboration with Tesla Motors; the second general overview has some similar content, but is more succinct; the third explains the coefficient of drag. This latter one was just released at the end of July, so we thought now would be a good time to catch you up on Toyota’s efforts.

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  • FamilyGuy

    $50,000 is simply beyond my means. I hope others can afford it so the that EV movement continues to move forward.

  • Van

    Close but no cigar. It has about 37 kwh of battery capacity, just a little less than needed for a real world range of 120 miles plus.

    The CD of 3 is better but not as good as say a Camry with 2.7.

    And the price seems a little high, but then lots of folks pay that much and more for a SUV.

    Performance and handling seem spot on.

    I expect folks will look at it, then opt for the Ford C-max plug in.

  • Ralph

    Anybody know if this will be available with AWD in the future?

  • Anonymous

    I would just buy a model s instead

  • Norman

    It caused Toyota about $100,000 per car due to fixed cost (retooling, engineering, warranty, etc), the only reason for this is to satisfy CARB zero emission requirement, Chrysler CEO also confirmed that, after a few years, these cars will be pulled off the market again, this is also the reason ford outsources EV development to Magnar, because this stuff is just stupid!