Toyota unveils 2013 NS4 Plug-In Hybrid Concept

Last week at the Detroit Auto Show, Toyota showed the world the rest of its Prius-transcending NS4 plug-in hybrid concept.

Leading up to this unveiling, Toyota had maximized its PR value by showing teaser photos while offering details just as scant as selected close-ups shots of a headlight or other design aspects.

So here it is – a new hybrid that Toyota says will be positioned separate from the Prius family, possibly the first progenitor of a new lineup of green cars to be be introduced a few years from now.

Details are still limited, but Toyota says it hopes to launch this technology in a car very similar to the 2013 concept by 2015 – with some technologies trickling sooner into other Toyotas.

The vehicle is built around a next-generation drivetrain, includes several new safety technologies, and these are those that will also find their way onto other models in the near future.

This video is courtesy of our sister publication, AutoGuide, and explains a little bit more for this first look at a car Toyota has yet to finalize for production, after which no doubt full details will be revealed.

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  • Saylijoshi87

    The car looks very elegant form both front and rear angles and comes equipped with all luxuries features. Overall the vehicle seems to be a complete package of quality features and powerful engine with stunning exteriors and interiors.

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  • hybridhybrid

    looks like an eagle

  • ACAgal

    I road in the backseat of a prototype. The rear leg room was the best of any car I’ve been in, I’m looking forward to testing out the final product.

  • decaffeinated

    Hmmm, I can’t get very excited about a future Prius model when Toyota is currently struggling with delivery of its new plugin hybrid. I spoke with salespeople @ a local dealership today and WRT to the plugin Prius they said, “We ordered plugin hybrids, they haven’t arrived, and we don’t know when they will.”

    Apparently, the earthquake in Japan significantly set back delivery of several models.

  • MrEnergyCzar

    We’ll have to see what it looks like when it’s not a prototype….


  • Mr. Fusion

    Beautiful! Drag coefficient must be LOW!

  • Van

    The instrument cluster is reminiscent of a 1949 Nash. Oops showing my age.

    I thought the plug-in Ford was better looking and instead of 2015, it will be available in early 2013 if my memory serves.

  • Theo

    The next prius is most likely to be very similar to this – in fact every indication is that this is the styling direction that prius is heading.

    Great work toyota for another winning design and unlike the competition, this is likely to be produced.

  • Shines

    Does that really seat 4 people? In the video – either the guy is 6’10” or taller, or that is a pretty small car. Even the woman next to it in one scene – the roof is below her shoulders. Maybe Toyota made this prototype 3/4 scale… I don’t care for the swept over pointy front. I agree with Van. It has a somewhat Scion look to it. I am glad to see Toyota staying on the front end of technology innovation. I am glad Detroit keeps innovating as well.

  • jayaraman.r

    world innovative car makers find out another one mile stone

  • tapra1

    new hybrid that Toyota says will be positioned separate from the Prius family, possibly the first progenitor of a new lineup of green cars to be be introduced a few years from now. Tech Blog

  • zyzy

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  • toyota dealer long island

    I like the concept of this hyrbrid’s design. The cowl and front lip may turn off some people, but I welcome such introductions in modern design. Not too shabby I must say.

  • Amit

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  • timrobert90

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  • Shawn89

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