Toyota Takes The Wraps Off Of 112 MPG FT-Bh Concept

Toyota has been teasing the world with truncated images of its next-generation FT-Bh for a while, and as promised, today at the Geneva Motor Show it unveiled the lightweight hybrid that could offer as high as 112 mpg in the U.S.

Regarding European testing, Toyota said, “the FT-Bh boasts a fuel efficiency of 2.1 liters per 100 kilometers under the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC), with CO2 emissions of just 49 g/km—less than half the current average for B-segment cars.”

In addition to the FT-Bh on display, TMC has two alternative concept versions it says it could produce: a compressed natural gas (CNG) hybrid version with CO2 emissions of 38 g/km and a plug-in hybrid version with CO2 emissions of just 19 g/km.

The concept’s name is derived from “Future Toyota B-segment Hybrid” and that pretty well sums it up.

The 1,729-pound hybrid shown is motivated by a THS II system utilizing a lithium-ion battery merged with 1.0-liter two-cylinder, long-stroke Atkinson cycle gasoline engine that drives the front wheels.

It positions its small fuel tank under the rear seat along with the hybrid system’s battery pack to provide a low center of gravity for improved handling.

Toyota says the concept comfortably seats four adults in an aerodynamic body boasting a coefficient of drag of 0.235. Dimensions are approximately 13-feet, 4-inches long, 5-feet, 6-inches wide, and 4-feet, 7-inches tall.

As previously reported, Toyota says it has found ways to mass-produce the vehicle with more economical materials. These would include high-tensile steel instead of carbon fiber in places where competitors have chosen the more expensive material.

Further, a new high-expansion foam is used as insulation to improve thermal management without excessive weight.

Just as insulating spray foam works to seal out drafts around household applications – or as it helps to insulate a thermos bottle – the expansion foam used in the FT-Bh insulates it on the same principle to keep it cool or warm inside as the required.

Additionally, Toyota says “comprehensive thermal management measures have been implemented, such as “air-zoning” that adjusts temperature only in necessary areas depending on the number of passengers.”

Since the high-efficiency powertrain generates little heat, cabin warming is augmented by heat captured from the exhaust system.

Other energy saving tricks include LED lights inside and out, low-energy electric windows and a number of other ways to cut electrical system draw.

Toyota is displaying other advanced hybrids as well, but did not offer a price estimate or production date for the FT.Bh at this point of its world premier. Instead it offered basic data and images of the actual car, while explaining when this new concept became a gleam in Toyota Motor Company’s eye.

“TMC, expecting hybrid vehicle use to become widespread in the second half of the 2010s, developed the FT-Bh as a B-segment, ultra fuel-efficient concept car under the theme of “ecomotion” (eco + emotion),” the company said. “In addition to high environmental performance, the FT-Bh aims to provide an enjoyable driving experience through highly responsive and nimble operability.”

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  • Capt. Concernicus

    While I like the idea behind what TMC is going after, I will hold my applause until the actual unveiling of this vehicle.

    Not sure if I like the design, but it IS only a concept. I’m sure enough of it will change to make it more well…car like inside.

    Although I will keep my fingers crossed and hope that it will maintain it’s 112 mpg. I did read somwhere else that it would be 134 mpg. I’d like that even more. But we’ll see.

  • Jay

    The 134mpg figure is in imperial gallons.

    I like the high-compression atkinson-cycle engine suitable for CNG, lithium-ion batteries, and strict attention to weight. The Prius C was cheapened to meet a price point, but this car was designed to go all out to achieve the most fuel economy. Go Toyota! Build it!

  • Mr. Fusion

    I like it and I think they should definitely build it. Beautiful aerodynamic design.

    Only comment is ice and snow will be difficult to extract out of all the nooks and crannies, especially in the front around the headlights and in the wheels.

  • alex777

    It’s could be new efficiency standart! It seems it will appear in 4-5 years after Prius C. I hope It will be not slug, only hope for a new battery and powerful electric motors. What about tehnical data of this amazing car? It will be very interesting! May be 55 h.p. from gasoline engine plus 35-45 h.p. electric motors (in fact high-voltage battery)?

  • Logic man

    The problem is that Toyota will probably just let this wagon die and will never build it like most all other concepts. You listening Toyota? The interior doesn’t have to be so futuristic but please grow some balls and mass produce a diesel hybrid, natgas hybrid and petrol hybrid wagon like this that maximizes passenger space and get’s over 100mpg. Also, consider making it long and streamlined. See Volvo’s S60 diesel hybrid for pointers on what you need to be copying. Now go put this project as top priority and make them in mass now!

  • pauln

    Hey Logic man, you are advising Toyota to do exactly what it shouldnt be doing… copying Volvo

    FYI toyota have published various reports as far back as 2001 as to why diesel-hybrids dont make good sense.
    – Noise isolation becomes expensive
    – Diesel tech is expensive, Hybrid tech is expensive, add together and end product is doubly expensive
    – The idea is to make a good engineering design, not just make a product out of evolving tech

    In any case, I wouldn’t even buy a normal Volvo let alone a hybrid, if one cannot manage complexity and retain reliability at the same time they cannot and will not do well in the hybrid segment

  • alex777 and

    Toyota considered the poor profitability of diesel hybrids (passenger car) back in the 90s! The Germans did it in 2010, and the others are still behind! Like Peugeot 3008 HYbrid4 Limited Edition for $54K! Who needs it?

  • dlinkeg

    I completely agree with your sentiments. I would love to see a CNG plugin hybrid. I have been in correspondence with Volvo concerning their V60 turbo diesel plugin hybrid. It is an amazing achievement, BUT, North America will NOT see a diesel version. They are planning a petrol version instead, which completely buries much of the efficiency gains from using a turbo diesel (bio diesel possibilities). Europe will get the diesel version, but not the continent which would love it!

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  • Timothy

    Now, all Toyota would have to do is integrate some fancy tv for the backseat passengers like the one I found here a week ago. Works perfectly!

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