Toyota Takes Swift Action on Lexus Hybrid Fuel Tank Concerns

Lexus HS250h

Lexus HS250h

Toyota is recalling 17,000 units of its 2010 Lexus HS250h hybrid, due to a fuel tank issue. The company will also halt production and sales until a remedy can be found.

During a test conducted by an agency contractor, fuel spillage from the vehicle exceeded federal regulations. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, the problem could occur when the car is “rotated on its longitudinal axis to each successive increment of 90 degrees following an impact crash test.”

The problem is currently being investigated by Toyota. By conducting the recall, and the halt to production and sales, Toyota is exercising an immediate response and a high degree of caution. The company was criticized earlier this year for a sluggish response to widely publicized issues with runaway acceleration of various models, and a “brake feel” problem with some its hybrids.

Investigations by Toyota and federal agencies failed to produce evidence of a verifiable or persistent safety problem with acceleration or braking. Since the public scare earlier this year, the story has almost completely vanished from the media.

Regarding the HS250h’s fuel tank issue, Toyota said in a release issued Friday: “At the present time, Lexus has not identified a remedy to address this issue, but it is working hard to do so promptly and will notify owners as soon as one is developed. Until then, as required by federal law, dealers will not deliver any new vehicles (of the model) in their inventory…until remedied.” Questions and concerns may be directed to Lexus at 1-800-255-3987.

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  • JamesDavis

    Since Japan has so much trouble with fossil fuel vehicles, why don’t they start manufacturing electric vehicles only? They make the best electric vehicles in the world.

  • Toyotagohome

    Geeze, the beat goes on. All toyotas should be banned for sale in this country until they find out what the problems are with their cars.

  • Old Man Crowder

    Ban Toyota? Give me a break. How many recalls have GM, Ford and Chrysler had? Should we ban those manufacturers, too?

    And what about all those lead-based Chinese products? Better ban those.

    And don’t forget all the sharp, pointy things that could hurt us. We better get rid of them, too, while we’re at it.

    Toyota’s recalls are in the news lately because they’re on top of the auto maker heap at the moment. Remember how great Ford was before their Explorers started having tire explosions?

    It’s inevitable that there will be quality problems with any product that is mass produced. We can only hope that the manufacturer takes swift and appropriate corrective action.

    (as an aside… maybe to avoid fuel spillage, perhaps car owners should keep their vehicles upright?)

  • Frank Filters

    This site is owned by Toyota.

    You cant even get around this site without getting to a Prius add.

    This site also says the new GM volts is a hybrid. That is totally false.

    Actually, EV enthusiast, it’s commonly regarded within both the industry and the EV world that the Volt is a plug in electric vehicle with a range-extended engine which ONLY drives a generator. That still classes it as an EV. It can be used as an EV provided only 40 miles between charges are observed.
    As I said in the article, hybrids require the engine to run at some point – even plug in hybrids, to provide extra motive force from the engine.
    You could run the Volt without gas in the tank and it would function with wall-charging. Most plug in Hybrids won’t.

  • ex-EV1 driver

    Wow, where did all the morons that are posting come from?

  • Joshua


    If is owned by Toyota, why would they want to promote another car company (i.e. GM’s Volt?)

    Who cares if it’s called a hybrid? It reduces emissions and will save owners’ money. I’m into it.