Toyota Reaches 3 Million Cumulative Global Hybrid Car Sales

Toyota announced today that global cumulative sales of its hybrid vehicles have topped the 3 million mark. The 3.03 million worldwide sales milestone—achieved between 1997 to February 2011—further establishes gas-electric hybrids as a proven sustainable mainstream automotive technology.

Toyota launched the Coaster Hybrid bus, the company’s first hybrid, in August 1997, in Japan. The original Prius followed four months later in December 1997.

Toyota currently sells 16 hybrid vehicle models in approximately 80 countries and regions around the world, including three commercial vehicle models in Japan. The company plans to introduce 10 new hybrids by the end of 2012, including six newly launched vehicles and four vehicles that have been redesigned.

It took Toyota 10 years to reach its first 1 million global hybrid sales—but the pace of hybrid deployment is accelerating. The second million hybrid sales came in two years, in May 2009. Toyota obtained its third million sales of hybrid gas-electric cars in about 21 months—during a major downturn in global automotive sales. The company is moving closer to achieving its long-term goal of selling 1 million hybrids annually.

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  • Max Reid

    Great Achievement. Go ahead Toyota, launch more Hybrid models and also make it more affordable.

    Launch the Prius Package-I.

    Now a days, I see lot of Prius Taxis.

    Meanwhile there are also 3 Million Mild Hybrids in Europe. So Worldwide, there are more than 6 million hybrids in 1 way or other.

    Also worldwide there are
    20 million flexfuel vehicles
    12 million natgas vehicles
    14 million LPG vehicles

    Its time to dethrone Oil.

  • Yegor

    Great Achievement!
    Kudos to Toyota!

  • Anonymous

    Hybrid Wagon, Hybrid Minivan coming in April.
    CT200h hybrid launched in January.

    All in Japan, US will soon follow.

  • Yegor

    “Prius V” is going to be a 7-seater in Europe (“Prius+”):

    I guess people in North America are bigger?

  • DownUnder

    Yegor, I think you’re right. Americans are the most overweight people, 2nd spot is Australians. No offence, it’s just a fact.

  • DownUnder

    Yegor, I think you’re right. Americans are the most overweight people, 2nd spot is Australians. No offence, it’s just a fact.

  • indigo

    Sean: The federal government subsidizesthe hell out of unhealthy foods such as beef and pork. Vegetables shouldn’t cost more than a burger, but they do. So Americans fill up on things that make them fat and suck.

  • DaveR


    I think it’s more like the cars in North America are bigger. They just cannot put that third row of seats and still meet the rear end crash safety requirements that are necessary because of the behemoths some of us here drive.

  • Anonymous

    We need to do more in the U.S. to make and sell more practical, cheap, mainstream hybrids and electrics. It starts with the batteries, but despite all the publicity around the Volt, we’ve done little to promote hybrids and eco-friendly technology. Here’s an article from the Wall Street Journal:

  • AP

    We need to do more to invest in hybrid research:

  • Anonymous

    Corn itself is subsidized, and thats what is fed to Chicken, Pigs & Cows, so the poultry, diary and meat is indirectly subsizized.

    Thats why these fatty foods are cheaper than fruits & vegetables.

    Now on top of Corn, Ethanol is also subsidized. So is Oil where we spend billions of $ is policing middle east.

    So whats the result of these policies.
    Our National Debt at 14.1 Trillion, sometime down the line if the interest payments goes up, then we all will face the song.

  • Anonymous

    2.2 Million Prius cars were sold

    211,000 Camry Hybrids were sold.

    So the 2 vehicles with V4 engine itself sold 2.4 million which is 80% of Toyota’s 3 million.

    I believe the
    Prius-I (1998 – 2003) sold 120,000
    Prius-II (2004 – 2009) sold 1,200,000
    Prius-III (2010 onwards) sold probably 880,000 in less than 2 years.

  • Anonymous

    “The company plans to introduce 10 new hybrids by the end of 2012, including six newly launched vehicles and four vehicles that have been redesigned.”

    Well, naming “Prius V” as “Prius +” in the Europe would be counted as two models?
    How about Prius V with nickel battery and Prius V with lithium battery in Japan? Would these be another two models?

  • Anonymous

    Max Reid said: “Meanwhile there are also 3 Million Mild Hybrids in Europe.”
    I think you mean micro hybrids?

    In my opinion, it is a shame that some micro hybrids that do not have the regenerative braking are calling themselves ‘hybrid’, it is another marketing scam to confuse consumers what exactly is a hybrid – being a hybrid should have, at least, two power sources. A vehicle without regenerative braking can hardly provide any electric power assist.

    Furthermore, I think the figure of (*up to*) ‘3 million’ micro hybrids in Europe comes from a research report from Lux Research.
    1. I read a lot of media reports that, conveniently, left out ‘up to’;
    2. I thought, there was an earlier research report from Yano Research Inst. that estimate the market of micro hybrids in 2010 is about 2.2m worldwide, mainly in Europe. That is a difference of more than 800,000 vehicles or 36%, such variance is significant.

    I really hope to see report(s) of how many micro hybrids were actually sold, not hearing more reports of ‘estimating’ how many are going to be sold.

  • Greg

    Here’s a good electric vehicle community with news and information:

  • Max Reid


    Yes, I meant Micro Hybrids, they have 36 Volt secondary battery which shuts and restarts the engine, but these vehicles dont have motor to assist.

    Something is better than nothing, Europe has crowded cities with frequent stops and these micro hybrids save lot of fuel.

    To summarize Hybrids have 5 levels
    Micro – Stop & Start
    Partial – Motor Assist
    Full – Motor powers at low speed
    Plugin – Motor powers at high speed with charging
    Range Extender – Motor alone powers with generator powering motor.

    Ideal is the EV with battery alone or with battery and fuel cell combined.

    Buick is going to launch 2 Micro hybrids in 2011.

  • petedipalma

    I like that page a lot. There’s a lot of helpful links there.