Toyota RAV4 EV Coming to Market in 2012

This week a slew of stories were posted by various publications incorrectly reporting on the pending Toyota RAV4 EV and Scion iQ.

Rather than repeat the error and add to any potential confusion, here is the correct story direct from Toyota today.

“Recent reports have incorrectly stated that the 2012 RAV4 EV will only be marketed to fleet and car sharing programs. We’d like to set the record straight. The 2012 RAV4 EV will definitely be sold to the general public. We anticipate robust public interest in the RAV4 EV and are keen to inform consumers that their future vehicle options include a battery electric Toyota.

Toyota is the only manufacturer bringing two battery electric vehicles to the market in 2012 – the RAV4 EV and the Scion iQ EV. While the RAV4 EV will be available to the public, the Scion iQ EV will be marketed to fleet and car sharing programs only.

Multiple reports have been corrected on various automotive blog sites.”


As we previously reported, the RAV4 looks like a reasonably performing vehicle. It was co-developed with Tesla and was first shown at last year’s LA Auto Show.

Range is an estimated 100 miles and acceleration is said to be equal to the gasoline-powered RAV4, despite a weight penalty of 220 pounds. Like the Scion iQ, the RAV4 EV does not let its batteries impede interior space and will retain its full 74 cubic feet of cargo room.

Although Toyota will only make the Scion iQ available through fleet and car sharing programs when it is released, perhaps this is just as well.

The vehicle reportedly will deliver an estimated 50-65 miles travel before its lithium ion battery is discharged. This is somewhat lower than the Mitsubishi i electric city car due in November.

We still do not have prices or release dates for the RAV4 or Scion iQ.

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  • Dick Goesinya

    IQ, Looks like a car for pussies!!!!! Buy a Prius, you’ll be money ahead!!! IQ price will be about the same as a Prius.

  • Charles

    Transit Connect EV and Focus EV? Sounds like two battery electric vehicles to the market in 2012 to me.

  • Anonymous

    So RAV4 EV’s will weigh just 220 lbs more than regular RAV4. Thats awesome. 100 Mile range is good to begin with.

    Meanwhile Chicago has installed many EV charging stations.

  • Chuck

    Can it get 100 miles range when you have AC on at full blast?

  • Shi Thead

    So after every 100 miles you need to recharge from an EV charging station powered by a nuclear power plant…and how is that better for the environment?????????????

  • sj

    Do you have an issue with your masculinity ?

  • green choice

    Nuclear power would stink. Be a green choice subscriber in Austin,Tx and use solar, wind, and small sadly biomass electric user.

  • Victor Galindo

    In the worst case for the EV, the toxic emissions from the electric plant (nuclear, solar, oil, whatever) will be located away from the city streets, homes, kindergartens and generally human lungs. Whereas the ICE pours their poison right into your lungs. The only drawback that I see is that after 100 years of breathing that poison, we may be so conditioned that we cannot tolerate oxygen. But I can’t tolerate Arab bomb explosions in my neighborhood either, so there is no loss.

  • Eric Bauer

    Having been a proud owner of the 2002 RAV4-EV, hearing that the acceleration will be equivalent to the gasoline version is a huge step up — clearly Toyota is not putting a governor on the acceleration (or at least a less restrictive one).

  • Cindy Jordan

    I live in Hurricane alley.
    What happens when you do not have electricity to power your EV?

  • Linda S

    I was hoping for a gas-hybrid Rav4, because we make long trips. Very disappointed it will be EV only.

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    Looking forward to the RAV4 EV…full size EV will be the real test for the segment.

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  • Kyle Black

    The Green revolution is coming!
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  • Angela F.

    Was hoping for a gas electric Rav4 like the prius. I drive all over the country and a 100 mile range just doesn’t cut it when there are limited charging stations and when you are driving 800 miles you don’t really want to make 8 stops. If you stay local this is a great option, but was really hoping for a prius like Rav4. I need the space as I am hauling stuff, kids, etc.

  • Kayleigh

    I had a Rav 4 for a while and totally loved the drive, very interested as to how similar this version will be.
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