Toyota Raises Prius Liftback Prices

This week Toyota announced incremental price increases for the Prius Liftback ranging from 2 percent to 4.3 percent.

Formerly known as the “regular Prius,” the car which is now the progenitor of a growing sub brand for the Japanese automaker will start at $24,000 for the Prius Two and range to $29,805 for the Prius Five.

As many of you know, the Prius Liftback ranges from levels One to Five, with the Prius One – going up by $895 – being only available to fleets.

Price increases are otherwise as follows: $480 for the Two, $1,045 for the Three, $915 for the Four and $1,015 for the Five.

The Liftback line will be slightly revised when made available January 2012 with customers having a choice of four trim lines and seven configurations.

Changes include refreshed front fascia, revised tail lamps, newly styled 15-inch wheel covers and LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL) with on/off feature, as well as individual features for respective models.

Inside, an optional Entune infotainment system will be available. This is Toyota’s answer to Ford’s SYNC system and connects via Bluetooth to a driver’s smartphone to show its applications on the navigation screen.

These Prii will continue to be made in Japan.

Yesterday we ran a brief mentioning Gen 3 Prii being assembled by Toyota with a joint venture partner in China, but to further clarify, those Prii are for that market only, not the North American market.

According to Toyota Communications Manager, Greg Thome, Toyota has no plans to discontinue Japanese production, and while there has been talk in the past of producing in North America, it has no plans for this in the works at this time.

One reason Thome cited why the Prius is still only imported from Japan was a supply chain issue. Namely, he said Toyota’s Prius component suppliers are in Japan, and he indicated getting set up in North America would require overcoming that hurdle.

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  • Yegor

    Strong Yen drives the price up.
    It is a pity – higher price will hold back Prius sales from growing much in 2012. 🙁

  • Max Reid

    So the regular prius will be called Prius Liftback while the wagon version will be called Prius V.

    Seems chaotic. Ideally they could have used # like
    30 for Regular
    40 for V
    10 for C
    and this would allow some other model (between C & Regular) to fit in as 20 and 50, 60, 70 … for models bigger than V.

    Price increase will dent Prius sales. Lets hope C-Max (Hybrid & Plugin) competes well and this will make Toyota move Prius production to USA.

  • MrEnergyCzar

    Will Prii be added to Websters? Plural for Prius. Are they working on the 4th generation yet? I haven’t heard anything.


  • ilikflhyb


    based on 2nd gen’s 6 year run, we would see a 4th generation ‘liftback’ unveiled in just over 3 years in Detroit, then delivered about May of 2015.

  • ilikflhyb

    Seems Toyota would try to get at least 3, maybe 4 years out of this ‘refreshed’ liftback. Then 4th gen for 2016 model year, delivered in 2015.

  • Shines

    This pricing gives Toyota the chance to price the Prius C “significantly” lower than the liftback. It also gives Honda a chance to improve the quality and maybe performance of its hybrid line.

  • Paul Rivers


    I guess this is the truth of coming out with a smaller, “cheaper” model – they don’t really make it much cheaper, instead they raise the price on the more expensive model to make it look like a good deal, huh?

    And it’s just going to make it more dubious to justify buying a Prius from cost savings. Great.

  • tapra1

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