Toyota Promises 11 New or Redesigned Hybrids by 2013

As Toyota showcased a prototype of its highly anticipated new RAV4 EV at the Los Angeles Auto Show this week, on the other side of the ocean, executives made a series of intriguing new announcements about its electric-drive vehicles.

Perhaps the most striking news is that the automaker plans to release 11 new or redesigned hybrid models by the end of 2012. The company currently sells eight hybrids in the United States—split between the Toyota and Lexus nameplates—and in September repeated its commitment to releasing six new models by 2012.

While word of 11 new and redesigned gas-electric vehicles doesn’t necessarily translate to the release of any more new models than we already knew about, there will likely be a total of at least 14 Toyota hybrids on the market soon.

One of the new releases will be a small hybrid with fuel economy the company says exceeds 40 km/L—equating to a whopping 94 mpg in Japanese testing. It’s too early to know how that will translate to U.S. standards, except that its mileage will likely beat all other current hybrids.

Another new model will be the 7-seat Prius V (sometimes called Prius MPV), which Toyota teased recently on its Facebook page, providing a photo of the MPV’s center console to satiate fans after a “leaked photo” that circulated on the web last month was shown to be a fake. The real Prius V will debut in January at the Detroit Auto Show.

Though Toyota didn’t provide any further details about the Prius V yesterday in Tokyo, Nikkei reports several other interesting tidbits from the event:

  • The company plans to price its diminutive iQ-based EV to dip below the 4 million yen price tag carried by competitors like the Mitsubishi i-MiEV. Though it’s unclear how it will be priced for U.S. consumers, the price point directly converts to somewhere in the mid-$40,000 range. The car will begin road trials in the United States next year.
  • Pricing for the Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid will be in the 3 million yen ($36,000) range when that car is released in Japan in 2012. The carmaker says its sales targets for the plug-in hybrid will amount to more than 50,000 vehicles per year globally.
  • Toyota still plans to release a fuel cell hybrid in Japan sometime around 2015. The automaker has managed to get the cost for the vehicle below 10 million yen (or $120,000), and says it expects to lower that number further as production nears.
  • The company reiterated its commitment to next-generation battery development, saying that it continues to invest in solid-state and metal-air battery research, promising major breakthroughs in energy storage and power. These new technologies—very much still in the research stage—could mean batteries that are smaller, lighter, and capable of allowing electric cars to travel for 500 miles on a single charge.

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  • Anonymous

    Why $40,000 + for a tiny IQ EV when a bigger Leaf costs just $33 K.
    And why $36K for a Plugin Prius with 13 mile range.

    Among the hybrids they sell, LS600h and GS450h sells < 30 / month.
    They can better close those models.

    If Fiesta, Cruze & Elantra sells at a high volume, the price of regular Prius will automatically come down.

  • JamesDavis

    Boy! All the automakers who want to do business in America seems to be forced to over inflate their prices and under estimate their miles per charge above and below GM’s $40,000.00 Hybrid that can get 1 mile at 25 miles per hour on the EV engine and 24 MPG on the fossil fuel engine. What is really sad is most Americans think that 1 mile at 25 mile per hour and 24 MPG is fantastic millage for a hybrid. Sad, really sad…..

  • Poup

    If they don’t offer a hybrid Rav4, I will eat my steering wheel. Hurry up, already, Toyota.

  • bill cosworth

    This site is such a BIG HOAX the biggest I have ever seen in my life.

    They keep running this story now about 3 times so funny too now that the Chevy Volt this week Won 3 Major awards.

    All week the Chevy volt has won 3 MAJOR awards.

    Green Car, Motor Trend, Automotive Mag

    But not one story here. PROOF now this site is owned run and A advertisement for Toyota.

    Now that we have proof here it is folks pure proof.

    Toyota your not slick anymore. The only thing green about Toyota is money going to japan.

    There cars kill people, are unsafe and they use sites like this to decently sell there product.

  • Brad Berman

    Hey Bill,
    Thanks for the feedback, but we’ve been running all our coverage of any car with a plug on our sister site: Sometimes it’s tricky to figure out when to put coverage on one site or the other. Over time, we’ll start to bring the two sites even closer, but for now, most of the “with plug” goes over there, and the “no-plug” content stays on Here’s our piece on the Volt awards, with a lot more to come:

    Brad Berman, Editor /

  • Anonymous

    lol… bill is in love with bashing this site and doesn’t not know how to read other sites.

  • Shines

    Hey Brad – since is a sister site to this one, why isn’t there a link somewhere on the site to the other site and vise versa?

  • Shines

    James Davis!!! Where the heck did you come up with this?!?: “GM’s $40,000.00 Hybrid that can get 1 mile at 25 miles per hour on the EV engine and 24 MPG on the fossil fuel engine.”?
    Are you just making this $#!T up!?! Having a negative opinion is one thing – making up lies and mis-information is not OK.
    And please don’t spew any crap about auto manufacturers or the fossil fuel industry spreading lies. The mpg and ev ratings of these cars have been verified by consumer groups, government agencies and independant publications like this one. Give me a break…

  • Alek

    The prototype looks good but not my type!

  • Anonymous


    I didn’t know about the sister page … I was already wondering about the limited coverage of plug-ins. Now I know and will go there too. Would be great if those two pages could provide (somewhat prominent) links to each other. Hybrid drivers care also about pure EV (and probably the other way round). Just would be nice to make readers aware of the interesting sister pages.


  • Anhägerkupplung

    I highly welcome it that Toyota wants to release 11 new or redesigned hybrid models by the end of 2012. Every company selling cars should go more into hybrid cars now because this is the future.

  • JJJ

    I also had no idea there was a sister-page and was wondering why the coverage of the Volt was so bad here. I suggest you do more to link the two sites together before more readers make assumptions like Bill did

  • MrEnergyCzar

    I thought Toyota didn’t believe in the plug in hybrid? They trying to play catch-up…..

  • Brad Berman

    Great feedback, guys. Closer links between the two sites are in the works. In fact, we are planning to basically integrate the sites into a single system–but it will take some time. So, in the meantime, I’ll take your feedback and seek more immediate ways to cross-link. We are agnostic about car brand or technology–whatever achieves the goal of reducing oil dependence, displacing use of petroleum and cuts emissions. Our goal is to help consumers figure out which technologies are best suited to their needs–and in general to facilitate exchange of information and ideas about greener transportation.

  • douglas card

    You aren’t right on much and the 2012 Camry hybrid gets 41 mpg combined and seats 5 big adults

  • tapra1

    Though it’s unclear how it will be priced for U.S. consumers, the price point directly converts to somewhere in the mid-$40,000 range. The car will begin road trials in the United States next year. Green News