Toyota Announces Prius Station Wagon

Toyota has announced that its current Prius hybrid will be joined by a wagon version of the five-door hatchback in the near future. The Prius Wagon is expected to debut in either 2010 or 2011. That’s a year or two after the next generation Prius comes out in 2009, which itself promises to be roomier, more powerful, and offer better fuel economy then the existing car.

The primary purpose of the wagon configuration is to “attract more commercial customers looking for a green delivery vehicle that may save on fuel costs.” (For some time, a number of hybrid fans have been asking Toyota for a station wagon version of the Prius.)

Featuring added cargo capacity, the Prius station wagon could offer a great deal of practicality to any business that relies on the daily, local transportation of goods and services. But don’t think eco-conscious families won’t take notice. This five-passenger vehicle has the potential to become the ultimate daily driver for those who crave the green lifestyle. A wagon’s versatility would certainly add a level of convenience for loading up groceries or carting the kids around town. Whatever the purpose, expanding the lineup with a wagon will certainly improve the Prius’ appeal.

With respect to the third generation Prius, it will not utilize a new lithium-ion battery pack as reported earlier by various sources. It will instead use a new nickel metal hydride battery pack that’s very much like the one found in the current car.


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  • Clark

    I hope they aren’t making the next Prius bigger. It’s a good size and the trend for bigger and bigger make no sense to me.

  • BoomBoom

    Yeah Toyota. The station wagon solves the carries as much as an SUV but doesn’t drink the gas. Honda had better get a utilitarian hybrid out soon or they’ll be dust. Ford needs to wake up and make a Focus Hybrid Wagon. Same size. Much cheaper. The US doesn’t need to be left out of the hybrid market.

  • Jerry

    Now all that’s needed is an AWD version, and it would be my perfect vehicle.

  • Amy

    Looking for a hybrid car, which is better, Honda Civic or Prius?

  • domboy

    … that Americans don’t like and don’t buy wagons. hmmm ???

  • Max Reid

    Simple and excellent concept.
    Prius Hatch has 16 cubic feet cargo capacity, this Wagon pictured above should be having around 23 cubic feet and that should be helpful for many.

    After all the Minivans that replaced wagons are going away and Wagons may be coming in.

  • Vicki

    If only they would make a right hand drive wagon for Rural Letter Carriers to use to deliver mail out of, save on gas and be much safer

  • Phyllisa

    Will it seat more than 5 like the old station wagon and a minivan, or is it just more cargo space?

  • Dyer

    Hope they put roofrack option on. This would get the green skiers, bicyclists, surfers etc… who all carry gear on top instead of inside. Would grab that much more of the SUV market. I would sure get one.

  • Noz

    I think making the Prius look even more utilitarian and boring is going to turn people off hybrids. It already looks extremely bland and boring…

    Why can’t automakers make hybrids exciting and stylish? Is it the class of people who buy them just not that way? Given how some “green” people act, they may have a real aversion to good looking, nice products.

  • Dan

    I took an oath four years ago that I would only buy vehicles that get 30 mpg hywy. But I also need room to haul around “stuff.” My choices then were limited – I bought a Focus wagon. Not the most sophisticated vehicle even built, But, it is a friendly hauler for my sea kayak gear, is sized right and.. huh, Ford no longer makes em. Small wonder, considering their other decisions that lose money.. If a wagon Prius is sold here, I will be first in line to get one. (and forgo the 2008 Jetta Sportwagen for consideration)

  • Charles

    As others have stated Ford needs to make a Focus Wagon hybrid or rebrand the Mazda 5 and offer it as a gas/electric hybrid (not gas/H2).

  • M.R. in L.A.

    I’d love to buy a Prius wagon. I love my Prius, but cargo space for all the baby gear has been its one shortcoming. A wagon would solve this problem which will only get worse with a second kid. I’d much prefer a Prius wagon to the Highlander or the Ford Escape that I had been considering.

  • Elena from OC

    I do not really care about shape of Prius.

    How about adding Internet Connection? We can reuse the existing monitor?

  • JimC

    Until a couple months ago I had driven a 1993 Saturn wagon for over 14 years. Long ago Saturn used to lease the EV1 electric car. Now they don’t even sell a compact wagon. Are they going backwards at GM? I am afraid so. ;-(

    SUV hybrids, regardless of who sells them, are oxymoronic, I’d rather walk or ride a bike.

  • M.R. in L.A.

    “It already looks extremely bland and boring…”

    I think the Prius looks pretty cool – like a little spaceship pod. The nose-cone is also pretty cool. It is definitely unique.
    If you want to talk about ugly vehicles how about the Chrysler 300, or the Lincoln Navigator or the Cadillac Escalade (especially the early models that came in that flat blue color that looked like schoolbuses) or the H3 that looks like a Toyota 4-Runner that some sort of chrome-beast threw-up on.

  • Ken

    Why are SUV hybrids oxymoronic? Many families want to be able to transport 4 or 5 people and lots of stuff. What’s wrong with with the idea of maximizing the fuel economy of such a vehicle?

  • J. Brendel

    I agree with Ken. People with 3 or more children (as we plan to have) simply need more space for kids/groceries/equipment than is provided by cars.

    We don’t need to be lectured by someone who has made different needs. If you don’t need the extra space, great. But lots of people do, and now they can finally get the space they need without consuming so much Jihadi / Chavista oil and spewing so much air pollution.

    As for the Prius — sedan or wagon — I just wish they’d start assembling some in the USA. The fact that they’re made abroad is the only reason we haven’t bought one yet.

  • Bill

    Have you ever wondered how the Asians and Eurpoeans do it without road hogging, gas guzzling, big, ugly SUVs? Maube a little looking around would be in order.

  • splashy

    Of groceries and other needs, along with occasional lumber and masonite (to paint on) leads to us needing something with some ROOM in it. A station wagon would be very nice.

  • PC

    I would love to buy a Prius if they had a bigger rear window for better visibility. Safety is more important to me than just MPG and good looks. Until then, CIVIC is the best choice.

  • Bruce

    I would love to purchase a Prius sedan for my wife and maybe get the wagon for myself. I could push the pickup truck off to the side for its occasional use, rather than every day.

  • KL

    As an avid skier and dog lover living in Seattle, I have been waiting for a hybrid with AWD and room in the back for my dog (i.e., has to be a wagon or -less desirable- an SUV). Hybrid wagons don’t exist today. This would be a step in the right direction but still needs AWD.

  • Lucie V

    Hurray! I love my 1992 Corolla station wagon, and DON’T want or need an SUV. I’ve been begging Toyota to come out with another station wagon for years. After all, look at the popularity of the Subaru Outback. To combine the versaility of a station wagon with the economy of an environmentally responsible hybrid is ideal! Now please just make it a reasonable shape, like the old square-back SWs. Lots of visibilty, too. And a roof rack. Thanks, Toyota!

  • Cynthia

    Hoorah. I have been holding on to my 2000 Saturn LW300 wagon, hoping for a hybrid wagon. If I can only last until 2010 or 2011.

  • greg


  • Teresa

    Right on! I drive a Subaru Impreza wagon now, and a hybrid wagon is just what I’m looking for. Make it AWD and I will BUY it!

  • Byrne Reese

    I just called my local Oakland, CA Toyota dealer and asked about the Prius Station Wagon. The salesman had not heard of it and consulted his 2009 brochure and catalog – it was not listed. Only the Prius with the 2008 hatchback body shape was listed.

    Has anyone confirmed that Toyota is planning a release of a Prius Station Wagon?

  • Scott E

    It’s a good start, but the back end in this picture doesn’t look all that roomier than the hatchback–a compromise in my opinion. Toyota shouldn’t pussy-foot around with a little more space–look at the Jetta wagon–that’s what the back end should look like.

  • eat drums

    I am considering a Saturn SW any advice on years or problems with them…SW1 sw2 etc..or would anyone suggest a different Hatchback or wagon

  • shuloola

    by far the prius ….prius has a larger electric motor a better 0 to 60 and better fuel econo……and i beleave has a cheaper base price

  • Sensible

    Bigger does make sense for those of us who’s employment depends on bringing tools to work. Not all of us have desk jobs. Hybrid wagons are an important step for many people. Though I would agree, that hybrid SUVs are silly, wagons at the very least would be more efficient then big and bulky jeeps.

  • Mike78

    I only really like wagons, never liked SUV’s. I’ve been wanting a hybrid wagon for some time, I just wish I didn’t have to wait another year.

  • Anonymous

    Has been out there for ages…

  • Greenie

    I WANT a station wagon!!!!!
    Who told Toyota Americans don’t like them?

    But, I want Toyota to improve visibility in the back of the Prius.
    This station wagon design here looks like it has unnecessary blind spots. Surely they can do better.
    Also, they need to work on the arm rest situation.
    My Prius has no arm support at all.
    And, the dash is strangely centered rather than in front of the driver.
    I love my Prius, but am eager for Toyota to actually sit in the car they design before they sell it.

  • Anonymous

    All they need to do is special order them from Japan or anywhere else where they drive on the left.

  • arthurarnold

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