Toyota Prius Displaced From California’s Top-Seller Spot By Honda Accord

Last year Toyota’s two-year streak as the top-seller in California was broken by the Honda accord lineup.

For calendar year 2014, the LA Tines reports Toyota moved 71,201 Prii and Honda sold 71,578 Accords.

A few qualifiers are in order when you read these kinds of stories: The “Prius” is a model range of four variants –the Liftback, the “v” the “c” and PHEV – with the “Liftback” being the top seller by far and due for a refresh.

The “Accord” also is a model range which comes in four cylinder and six cylinder and hybridized variants, and it is relatively newer in its product life cycle.

One other difference however is Honda majors on consumer sales and does not report fleet sales like Toyota in its monthly numbers, so Honda has always done some degree better than it appears without fluffed-up numbers. And, if you were to remove fleet sales and compare just consumer sales to consumer sales between “Prius” and “Accord” it would have been a greater reported disparity.

As for the rest of the unique market that is California, the LA Times rounds out the top-10 list with the Honda Civic, Toyota Camry, Corolla, Ford F-Series, CR-V, Nissan Altima, Sentra and Chevrolet Silverado.

This contrasts markedly with how the U.S. best sellers rate which was heavy on domestic pickup trucks; the Prius did not crack the top 10 on a national basis, the Accord placed fifth and Camry was fourth.


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