Toyota Named One of ‘World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies’ For Mirai FCV

Toyota’s fuel cell vehicle, the Mirai, is helping the company get recognized.

Toyota has just been named one of world’s 50 Most Innovative Companies for 2015 by Fast Company magazine, recognizing the company’s leadership in the development and introduction of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

As written by Fast Company: “Toyota plans to do for fuel cells what its Prius did for hybrids: make them ubiquitous and top of mind for environmentally conscious consumers.”

Already on sale in Japan, the hydrogen-powered Mirai is expected to hit U.S. roads in the fall of 2015. The fuel cell electric vehicle refuels in about five minutes and travels up to 300 miles on a full tank.

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Fast Company also named Toyota as one of the most innovative companies in the auto sector, writing: “While other automakers are experimenting with fuel cells as niche vehicles, Toyota is the only one to engineer a global release, making all of its fuel-cell components in house.”

The full story can be found in the magazine’s March 2015 issue, available now on Fast Company’s website and on newsstands February 17.

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