Toyota Hybrids Lead Consumer Loyalty In Respective Categories

Polk confirmed Toyota’s Prius is the leader in consumer loyalty for non-luxury traditional compact cars.

In presenting its Automotive Loyalty Awards, research firm Polk revealed Ford is both the brand and the manufacturer with the most loyalty amongst its buyers and that Toyota’s hybrids are loyalty leaders with the Prius in the Non-Luxury Traditional Compact Car category and the Lexus CT200H in the Luxury Traditional Sub-Compact Car category.

The Polk Automotive Loyalty Awards are based on actual model year purchase/lease activity and recognizes manufacturers for superior performance in owner retention

Polk said during the 2013 Model Year, over 25 new vehicles were launched, more than 115 vehicle platforms were refreshed or redesigned and over 7.4 million households came back into the market to purchase a new vehicle.

Here is the full list of 2013 Model Year Loyalty Award Winners:

Overall Loyalty to Manufacturer                                       Ford Motor Company

Overall Loyalty to Make                                                      Ford

Most Improved Loyalty to Make                                       Cadillac

African American Market Loyalty to Make                     Ford

Asian Market Loyalty to Make                                           Toyota

Hispanic Market Loyalty to Make                                     Toyota

Highest Conquest Percent of Registrations                     Audi

Most Improved Conquest Percent of Registrations       Subaru

Non-Luxury Traditional Compact Car                             Toyota Prius

Non-Luxury Traditional Mid-Size Car                             Honda Accord

Non-Luxury Compact CUV                                                 Honda CR-V

Non-Luxury Full-Size Half-Ton Pickup                           Ford F-150

Non-Luxury Mid-Size CUV                                                 Kia Sorento

Non-Luxury Mid-Size SUV                                                 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Non-Luxury Traditional Sub-Compact Car                     Fiat 500

Non-Luxury Mid-Size Van                                                  Chrysler Town & Country

Non-Luxury Traditional Full-Size Car                              Toyota Avalon

Luxury Mid-Size CUV                                                           Lexus RX

Non-Luxury Mid-Size Pickup                                             Toyota Tacoma

Non-Luxury Sport Mid-Size Car                                        Dodge Challenger

Luxury Traditional Compact Car                                       Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Luxury Traditional Mid-Size Car                                       Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Non-Luxury Full-Size SUV                                                 Toyota Land Cruiser

Luxury Compact CUV                                                          Acura RDX

Non-Luxury Sport Car                                                         Hyundai Veloster

Non-Luxury Compact SUV                                                 Jeep Wrangler

Luxury Sport Car                                                                   Mercedes-Benz SL-Class

Luxury Full-Size SUV                                                           Land Rover Range Rover

Luxury Traditional Full-Size Car                                       Lexus LS

Luxury Traditional Sub-Compact Car                              Lexus CT200H

Luxury Mid-Size SUV                                                          Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Luxury Exotic Car                                                                 McLaren MP4

Luxury Prestige Full-Size Car                                             Rolls-Royce Phantom

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