Toyota Hybrid X

The smash hit second-generation Toyota Prius was released in late 2003. Believe it or not, that’s almost four years ago. In the car world, that means it’s time for a design refresh. For a number of months, there have been hints and rumors about the technology for the third-generation Prius, including the use of lithium batteries and some limited plug-in capacity. But for the market, the bigger question might be, “What will it look like?” The current Prius design tends to quickly separate Prius-haters from hybrid-huggers.

Toyota answered the question—in an obscure way—when the company unveiled the Toyota Hybrid X at the 2007 Geneva International Motor Show. The press release described the concept in grandiose terms: “It will create a new design language for hybrid models while also acting as a technology showcase for future hybrid cars.” This is purely a design exercise; no details about the hybrid system, fuel economy, or performance.

Squint past the design embellishments always used in concept vehicles—like the bumper to bumper see-through roof—and you get a glimmer of the shape of things to come for the Prius. Take a look at these images and let us know what you think?

Toyota Hybrid X Concept

Toyota Hybrid X Concept

Toyota Hybrid X Concept


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Toyota Hybrid X
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  • Sean

    I am a Prius owner and I like the unique design. This concepts design is awesome! I’d definetely buy this car with the see through roof. I think Toyota needs to start production now!

  • Aaron

    I think the car looks sleek and futuristic, but from the photos, it looks like its missing a roll bar.

    I also hope this design is more fuel efficient, and not just some less aerodynamic “ginger-bread” coating on an existing platform.

  • Mike Burke

    My first impression of the new design is regarding the safety issue. I wouldn’t feel safe in this car, it looks to fragile.

  • Andre

    Looks really futuristic! I am not so sure, though, that I would like all the glass on the roof. I like to get out of the sun. There’s no escape in this model.

  • sam

    🙂 great

  • John Paul

    Looks great! It must have better gas mileage than the current Prius. Also, agree about the safety issues=needs a roll bar. 😡

  • ex-EV1 driver

    I only care about its performance. Particularly:
    – what’s its fuel economy?
    – will its acceleration change people’s minds about hybrids?
    – can I run it off of solar energy generated on my roof?

  • Cerium, Lanthanum, Neodymium

    Looks great. Build it, and I will buy it!

  • w

    Looks awesome!!! Im ready to buy it if it comes out tomorrow!

  • AJB

    I’m all for the futuristic look but why the tiny blindspot producing side windows. Isn’t there an option somewhere between it looking like your average sedan a la the toyota camry hybrid and this? Love the technology but again why do the more average looking ones still have far less fuel-efficiency and green impact 😕

  • Alex

    This design could actually work. Just one adjusment. Protection from the sun by use of a flexible solar panel shade to recharge the PHEV battery. That really is it. Give about 15 years and most sedans will look like this. Ultra-aerodynamics in place of brash testosterone driven boxes. Just put that one solar feature and I would actually buy it. I am suprised myself.

  • SunStruck

    Don’t designers live in places where the Sun beats down on their cars and heats up the inside? This silly thing looks like a greenhouse on acid. Less drugs and more shade would help this design a lot.


    Great futuristic look but too fragile and very dangerous is
    the glass breakable, just imagine an accident happens…
    I hope the performance is greater than the previous Prius.
    If Toyota could convert all the
    glass parts on the car by solar
    cell… They may start the production now.

  • julian

    Looks nice but as far a functionality is concerned it is gonna heat the cabin of the car up like crazy. I’m from arizona and this won’t work without A/C being on full blast. On a side note it may save on money for people who go to tanning salons. :roll 8)

  • Janice

    It’s a cute car. Not sure I like the way the doors open. Can’t they design a vehicle that looks sporty and still gets great mileage?

  • poochie

    I love this car! 🙂

  • TheHybrid

    Theres too much glass for this kind of car. what is u dont want the sun in yout face :cry I dont think this should be sold.

  • NextGenMan

    Will the “new” Prius’ be available this fall or the next year?

  • Michel Van Duym

    I am planning on purchasing my first hybrid with the next gen Prius. If this is what it looks like, I’ll definitely buy it as soon as its available.

  • Jack

    A shorter nose, a rounder design and unique tail lights with the logo incorporated into the center brake light.

    There will be no suicide doors, glass roof a low profile design.

  • Dave K

    Agree with others on the sun issue though, needs some way to shade the occupants.

  • Cerium, Lanthanum and Neodymiu

    For those of us in the cold climates all that glass would not be fun scraping but the basic design is strong in appeal.
    I also want to see a Hybrid manufacturer use a solar panel roof obviously for energy reasons but also as a very strong market statement. Toyota is the only company I feel can and would consider this.

  • Gerry Gaydos

    I like the sleek lines but all that glass must weigh a ton. ( remember the Porsche 924) Are they planning to use “transparent aluminum” ( per the Enterprise)?
    In addition the lack of a central structural member makes the roof look weak even if they have some magic roof strengthening trick up their sleeve(s). I like the colour.

  • Cesar Mejia

    I have a friend who has a Saturn with the same kind of doors. They seemed really cool at first but the truth is they are not very practical when you are trying to get in an out of the car. You need to get out of the car before you park it otherwise your trapped between the two open doors. :sigh

  • AJ Smith

    What about a trunk? How big is it? Because I take out of state trips/out of country! :grin

  • Zoe Brooke

    Would the glass be able to become transparent, like the Mercedes??? :roll

  • Boba

    OK, so the deal is that the sunroof could hurt someone right?? Maybe you could make it of really strong glass, or have a cover for the sun roof. 8) If there are any comments, questions , and concerns, just post another blog and i’ll get righ back to ya.

  • Boba

    OK, so this is my second comment.
    The doors, wow, really cute and all, but guys seriously, how are ya gonna get out of your car at the mall??? :roll So think about it. I love the car, got one, and am satisfied. But the sunroof and the door. I was so glad with it, i bought my sister’s husband one. Keep up the good work!! :grin

  • zvi

    Beside the solar radiation problem, this car misses the plug in and the solar panels solution.

  • J D Burch

    Digitally add a little electric pigtail to the right rear quarter panel and it will look much nicer to me. 😉

  • Sean

    The glass is for show, so everyone can see the inside…read the article! I personally think the entire glass roof is cool. It’d be better if it was the security glass that went from transparent to opaque. More real cars need to be bold like this concept. I can see this on the streets with me behind the wheel!

  • mike

    why did they even think about releasing or inventing this design yes its unique but would u want to drive in a car that looks like a mishapped egg no but to tell u the truth the only thing i like so far about this car besides that it isn’t as polluting as regular gasoline powered cars is the rear and the sleek futuristic interior.

  • Prius owner

    My family was one of the first to purchase a Prius in our state and I love it. I think the original design is the best, it’s what I fell in love with in the first place. Whenever people heard that I had a hybrid they thought it was futuristic and odd, but when they saw it they stopped gawking because it looked like a normal awesome car, not a thing from sci-fi.

    I think it would be hard to keep it looking clean with all the glass.

  • None

    The design looks nice, but the car itself doesn’t look “safe”. In the incident of an accident, I wouldn’t want a glass roof over my head if my car was rolling.

  • wing

    I really thought about buying a hybrid car for the past 2 years, but looking and waiting at cars up to now, none of the hybrid is nice looking other than the Sienna that might come soon. And now, this concept Prius X looks pretty good, it could be another consideration for me. :eek :eek

  • latashia

    :grin :grin this is a great car

  • Staci

    I test drove a Prius, and I plan on buying one this summer, (21st b-day present to myself:), but if this model comes out, I might wait, I really like it!!

  • Brenda

    Will people be able to see in? I hope the glass is tinted for privacy and sun. Also, what about safety? Roll bars, air bags. Safety for me is more important than gas milage. What good is good gas milage if your dead? If I could get a positive response to my questions I would not mimd waiting to buy one. :roll

  • campingfamily4

    Our family has owned a Prius since they came out, we have a new one now. My question is the safety, with two children, it looks like they could fly through the roof in an accident, scary. The looks are fantastic, but safety is first, fix that and we are on board. Also would like to know about the solar use for fuel, that would awesome! What about the fuel efficeny?

  • Dominick

    If the rear doors opened independently from the front (not like the Saturn but a true suicide) that would work. If the roof had built in structure supports, also self darkening with the sun,and solor panel to replenish battery charge as do the braking etc. Also if the a ,b, and c pillars were clear lexon to eliminate blind spots, and DON’T …..DON’T make it a plug in, I think Toyota has a winner. If you make it a plug in, you are just cutting out the oil and gas companies but will be replacing them with the electric company, you will see your electric bill go up to $500.00 per month at 95 cents per killowatt hour…what do you save,if you only use one gallon of gas and the rest is regenerated braking electric charge and solar (both of which are free) who cares if gas goes to $5.00 a gallon, you only need one gallon to go 800 miles. Toyota stay with a winner, NO PLUG IN…Please.

  • Max

    It must get hotter than hell inside this car on sunny days. All the energy saved will go down the drain on trying to coold this thing down. I love futuristic designs, but this is clearly a showroom car that will never see the streets.

  • MHW

    It says: “Squint past the design embellishments always used in concept vehicles—like the bumper to bumper see-through roof…” Yet most of the above comments are about the glass. Hmmm…

  • Diggity

    Looks good to me. I agree with others on the glass roof, but I doubt they’d go to production with that feature anyway. I just hope they don’t cut down on the interior space. I just recently traded my VW Jetta for a new Prius, and the Prius is actually bigger inside than the Jetta. I love it. I’d hate to see Toyota turn the Prius into a sporty but claustrophobic bread box. I can actually fit my whole family of 5 in the Prius now – let’s keep it that way!

    And of course, any improvements to the hybrid powertrain would be good too. I’d be happy with a “gas optional” car. I wouldn’t mind plugging it in at night.

  • rhonda

    the hottest thing since sliced bread.sign me up ……….. thats the hottest car i’ve ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Katie

    I’m all about hybrid cars. They are the best new things since sliced bread, really. But is it completely necesary to make them look like they are alien/futuristic? I would not want to drive something so crazy looking. There is innovative and then there is just ugly. Gee…guess which category this car falls under…

  • Bobby T

    OK folks, let’s chill for a second.
    First-Sadly, this is NOT the next generation Prius (there are numerous links to the next-gen Prius on the webm which looks more like the current Prius than this). You all may have missed the part in Toyota’s press release that this car is nothing more than a design experiment and a hint at future hybrid models (future, meaning after the next Prius).
    As to the glass-I like someones idrea about a roll-up solor panel. solves two issues (heat and extra power source(give that person a product design job!). For those in hotter climates, this could be low-E or intelligent glass wjhich changes its heat transfer characteristics depending on the amount of sunlight (this IS a future concept car, right?). If you’re concerned about scraping the glass (snow, ice, etc…), consider that you’ll only scrape as much as you need to see out (the rest is just part of the “roof”-get it?).
    Someone also mentioned the :death” doors. I have to agree, What about sliding doors? I know many of you may not think it’s cool, but minivans have had these for years and they’re nothing if not imminantly practical. No more tight spaces in parking lots (I think a car with sliding doore was shown in the movie A.I.. Anyway, just a thought.
    Lastly-YEAH!! a car that looks like it belongs in the 21st century (American car compainies…get a clue.)
    As to when the “Hybrid X” will appear: After LOTS of comments and feedback from people like you and me, Toyota may consider some version of this car.

  • Maria

    It would be really cool if the glass was A) photo-electric B) insanely strong like they use on the space shuttle and such C) Dark – so you don’t fry like an egg on 100 degree sidewalk; transition lens-like would be cool.

    The suicide doors are rockin but they definitely are a pain to deal with in a parking lot.

    Now also it would be great if this future hybrid could go even further than what the Prius has and get even better gas mileage as well as still having good power. I know it can be done because the Tesla car has crazy amounts of horsepower.

    If they could get all of these things into it and keep the space that the Prius has then this could be the coolest car out there.

  • k8

    The suicide doors seem like a great idea for people with kids but difficult for adults to climb out of. I wish there was something that worked for all of us. It seems a bit blind-spot-prone.

  • Rodney

    With all thata roof, what about a solar trickle charger to keep the batteries charged, improving mileage even more? I love my Prius, and when my daughter gets her license this summer, she’ll get my Prius and I am getting a new one, but if there’s going to be a significant design upgrade, I’d wait a few months.

  • Albert

    Very innovative design and a great job for a conservative Toyota. Advanced technology should be accompanied by a futuristic look. The profile hints at the current Prius’ while the nose hints remotely at the latest Camry – trying to achieve a family resemblance. I would have preferred a front end that has more of an “industrial” look (less bladder-like). I do like the rear view of the design, much improved esthetically from current model. A large vertical rear glass also makes looking rearwards much more practical than through a steeply raked rear glass. The glass roofs obviously must be replaced with lightweight composite panels. A solar collector on the roof can inexpensively power an exhaust fan to vent the interior while parked in hot sun (as in the decade-old Mazda 929) and keep battery fully charged. Sliding side doors are more practical in tight spaces. Personally I would like to have the roof height raised inconspicuously by two inches without drastically altering the profile. The two extra inches will allow taller (thus, more comfortable) sitting positions and increased cargo capacity. This may be just my personal preference for utility.

  • Ross Nicholson

    Sign me up! Just put photovoltaic collector on the roof first. We’d burn up here in Florida!

  • Yvonne

    Loooooooooooove the line of this car, but where do I put my groceries or sports/camping gear? Would also like to see solar panels all over it…

  • Dianne

    I live in Texas and it would be way too hot with all that glass.

  • editvictor

    Concepts always get eyeballs to look twice. If a Prius design like this were to go street legal, eyes would turn not only with the everyday driver going down the road, but with modifiers showing off their Prius 3’s. Instead of eyeballin Hemi’s or SS, People will be eyeballin the new 3’s…

  • The mighty mighty fungus

    I’ll buy anything with suicide doors

  • akg96

    You got to love it. It’s HOT! But can you pluy it in & reduce your electric bills? Poor angles of photo shoots/etc. Dorky wheels got to be make-believe. Fuel cell Prius, that’s the way of the future, along with VERY high gas taxes!! Economy means more miles driven & more pollution, NOT less!

  • adaz

    bring it on!!…please

  • mark

    I was eager to buy the curent Prius until I test drove the car. All I could see in the rear view mirror was the breaklight bar in the middle of the hatchback. In my opinion this design flaw was enough to discourage me from making the purchase. I thought I would wait until a new design came along and hopefully the breaklight would be located elsewhere. Sadly, it appears as if the breaklight is in the same location. Anyone else have the same experience?

  • Marcy

    We’ve already got a first-gen (2002) and second-gen (2007) Prius in the family…our 25-year-old daughter traded us her Beetle for our ’02 & we traded in the Beetle for the ’07, and now I’m on the list at our dealer for the next-gen, whenever it arrives…and now that I’ve seen it, I CAN’T WAIT! Love the look, and I’m sure that Toyota has taken safety into account in roof design. Not a bit worried, and eager to be owner of THE most futuristic, AND most fuel-efficient, AND most environmentally responsible vehicle on the road! Wow. Just WOW. They’re great cars, any of you doubters out there…plenty of acceleration whenever you need it (the gas kicks in) and our mileage is what was predicted (you learn how to manage the gas pedal for maximum fuel efficiency) and we don’t mind the rear view (concern expressed by blind spot again?) — just isn’t a problem once you’re used to it.

  • Thomas A.

    With all that glass on the top of the car how can you get out of the sun? What’s the purpose of hte glass on top anyways? Are you going to have lift off going upwards or have a car jumping over you? There’s no way with the glass on top that it can be as safe as it would be if it were metal. If I want to see the air above me, I’ll add a sunroof thank you very much!

  • Rodney

    well I do like the design, in general. I can’t comment on the suicide doors because I don’t have very much experience with them (I don’t know if they are unsafe). As far as the comment about this vehicle being fragile, from Dominick, I believe…I don’t know how anyone can have an opinion about a vehicle being fragile without having test drive the vehicle. I don’t even own a car, but what about the prius station wagon? when will it be on the market??
    I share the concerns about the roof being made of glass. It is probably an extended moonroof/sunfoof, and as far as I know moonrooves/sunrooves are not a problem because because they have sunshield.
    P.S. I will be auditioning for “DON’T FORGET THE LYRICS” in Long Beach, Ca at Yankee Doodles Sports Bar! Wish me luck.

  • TJ

    Drool…I can’t wait!

  • HB Mermaid

    I don’t care for this body design at all. I’ve learned to love the look of the 2007 model. The Prius X appears to have a claustrophobic interior and I don’t care for all the glass over the top. Makes me want to run out and buy a 2007 before they ruin them!

  • Mike

    Love the looks for the shock value,not actual aesthetic beauty of it!! Finally a contemporary design to go with its enginnering that is changing the future of mobility as we know it!! Pray styling cues make it to the next-gen Prius !!

  • Geoff UK

    Want one now, Sell in the UK next year please.

  • Heather

    I love the new look, my only concern would be 1. safety of the glass roof and 2. the heat & sun of the glass roof, since I live in Florida and deal with 90 degree heat 10 months out of the year, I don’t think I would like it if there were no panels to use to block out the direct sun & heat during the day.

  • Ginger in Portland

    Please, somebody design a good-looking hybrid! I would never drive a car that looks like the Prius X, just as I want nothing to do with the current Prius model. They’re ugly. Hire a 50-something woman to design you a hybrid sports sedan and a hybrid mini-suv and you’ll sell some cars.

  • Chantal

    Like the look of it, but I too have some concerns about the glass: will take energy to keep cool in summer. Have no idea about the safety aspect of the car, but Prius wasn’t on the list of safest cars around. Looks like it’s again possible to create a lot of room, that’s what I like. And for my wife to buy me a car: it needs to be a awd or fwd!

  • David

    I like the idea started with the development of the hybrid cars. Better use of the energy we have available with less pollutants. Solar energy is also a major player to consider for power production. In the Prius X it appears you will have an abundance of solar heating available. I live in Texas and with all that glass especially on the roof I feel I would be driving around in a solar oven, almost impossible to cool to comfortable levels. If this is the production model when it comes to market, I will pass it by reluctantly. I am sure the next generation hybrid will be a great leap ahead in technology but the design still needs refining to be a consumer friendly car. Super modern design is not the only thing we are looking for. Safty also plays a major part in deciding on a new car.

  • Chang Wa

    Slim featured design really spaceage whats so bad about the glass roof..?? ( kool!!! )

  • Max

    max954-496-4922….does anyone know where I can get one now….im in florida..and I sell real estate I need to save on Gas…its a Killer…too many clients want me to show them property and I want to drive and show them….Gas is a huge issue down here….

  • Terry

    Couldn’t the sun issue be resolved by the same technology that they use in glasses? When the sun hits the glass it automatically darkens. Great looking car though.

  • Dave

    Yeah, it looks cool. But stop and think about having to clean all that glass. Glass is almost impossible to keep streak-free. It also fogs up. I have an 07; its windshield is shear hell to get right.

  • Alexis and Kristen

    Toyota should put this new design into production IMMEDIATELY!!!!! we luv it!!!!!!

  • Solar

    Put solar panel on the roof.

  • rks

    this is obviousy just a model idea of what they’d like to see because there aren’t any seatbelts headlights or wipers. so i think they just wanted to give the general idea of what it will look like… I honestly love it!!

  • Mitzy

    this looks great
    I’d love to have one right now

  • Dominic


  • Laura

    “Squint past the design embellishments always used in concept vehicles—like the bumper to bumper see-through roof.” The roof isn’t actually see-through. It’s just done this way to show the interior. So no worries about the sun or anything like that. Just though I’d point this out to you guys. 🙂

  • Mats

    Looks awsome.
    It’s a go!!!!
    Seems a bit high in the back, to load in grocery bags and so, but otherwise a great design.
    Can I sign up now?

  • Mats

    At a second look, it has a roll bar system!
    The two blue “arcs” surrounding the wind shield and rear window are connected with a black bar along each side.
    Looks very strong to me. Safe as can be.
    And beautiful.

  • Mustangjank

    Still waiting to buy the 3rd gen prius….

  • JohnG

    Use some portion of all that transparent top to incorporate High Density solar panels into the top of the car..

  • Brian

    Why do all “efficient” cars have to look so dorky?

  • meli

    Maybe toyota can make the roof sun proof but still see through it will be great. I’m saving up as we speak to buy a hybrid, I’m just not done debating over the honda hybrid or this toyota? Hmm…

  • whateva

    so ugly.
    is TESLA the only company making a good looking green vehicle??!!

  • sharkp8er

    I have been a car nut all my life. So far very few production cars end up looking even close to the concept vehicle. Check it out for yourself GM had some great ones in the 50’s. They even had one complete concept car for the corvette and the only thing they kept was the power window switch in the center column. I think the hybrid X looks great! Good luck getting it into production!

  • Jim O. – Cleveland, OH

    The design LOOKS great, but fuel economy is THE story for hybrids. Also since my hips are not what they used to be, ease of access into and out of any vehicle is high on my list of needs.

  • barney d

    build it now i will send my money to japan ASAP and sell my chevy,when will it go to the production line???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • sandy the miser

    cool i want it now love the roof and the space car i’ve been waiting for

  • jack d

    i love burning gas in my corvette and the power that goes with it! i love and enjoy passing those tree hugging cars all the time!

  • john

    burn the gasoline now in the biggest motor you can find there is nothing better than the smell of gasoline in the morning warming up the caddy on those cold days and cooling it down in the hot summer sun.if you got the money burn fossil fuel

  • cg

    I recently rode in a 2007 Prius and felt the visibility a bit lacking. Not a safe feel at all. We are starting to consider fuel efficient vehicles as well as hybrids because when it comes down to it, safety comes first! Is it that important that the front and back windshields slant down so much? Very small view indeed.

  • FLGirl

    I like the style, not sure about the see through roof, maby a little less see through. I’m sure the heat/sun issue can be worked out. Altogether the way to go!

  • John M

    Getting ready to buy in the next year and a half, wife has a Prius will buy one of these instead if available, very sporty, suicie doors!
    Although there seems to be safety concerns it’s doubtful Toyota would risk release of an unsafe car, or has capitalism sunk that low?

  • Lyn

    I think the glass roof is awsome! The body style is great too! Can’t wait to see the safety ratings and fuel economy. I think we need solar powered cars and thought that was what this was with all of the glass on the roof. What a cool concept!

  • Kiran

    We cannot leave anything inside car. Neither front or in the trunk. Stupidity in the design.

    Try to work on increasing mileage/ alternate fuel technology and leave styles aside till then! Honest opinion.

  • enrique

    great view i heard about 1.8 turbo hibrid that is a sportwagon!

  • E. Hannah

    I love the car, but pull Down some of the sides… more Side view and Rear view please! I wanted to buy Prius but couldn’t get comfortable with not seeing enough out the rear and sides… even the amount of dash over the wheel is unusual. I want to See what I’m backing toward! Um, and … rollbars.

  • ashley


    thats hot

  • chris evans

    one of the sweetest, smartest cars I’ve ever seen, and it’s a hybrid, can’t get any better! Please start selling this car soon, I would buy it today if I could!!!!

    desperate for sweet hybrids designs, sick of all the current ugly hybrids.

  • Tomasz

    Looks cool – I’d buy one, especially if it represented MPG higher than todays Prius (one that I like too).

  • Anonymous


  • John Bills


  • Anonymous

    Love the looks but in Arizona ill hate the glass roof lol hope it comes with a heavy titn or hard shell option

  • Anonymous

    The design is amazing! I think it looks really cool and futuristic. However, the roof might be a safety concern because it’s all glass (especially in a crash) and the inside of the car might heat up on sunny days unless of course the windows were tinted.

  • Jay

    This concept looks great! I would include LCD panels for the glass that would go to complete black when the power is off (to hide everything inside!).

  • TimB

    solar panels for the roof and I’m in this egg!
    Edge it all electric and I’ll prepay to get one.

  • Amanda

    That is now my dream car. I cannot get over how freaking awesome that looks. I am gonna start to save up my money now.

  • Kelvin Hamilton

    Living in North Central Texas, I would fry in the hot Texas Sun from Mid May to Mid September. I would like to purchase one if there were pull shades to shield me/my family from the Sun.

  • Gerschwin

    Great car. Really futuristic looking and stuff.

  • Nosmo King

    Great lookin’ piece of cheese!

  • Laura

    I would really want to buy this car! : ) But unfortunately, I have no life and am simply a hobo living on the side of the street in downtown Chicago. Oh, Well.

  • Doug

    I would surely buy this car if it was on the market. It has a cool design and I love the way the doors open. I think one thing you should do is “tint” the side and rear windows. Other than that it looks GREAT. Start production, PLEASE.

  • Phil

    Currently the price of the Hybrid is way too expensive to offset the cost of gas.

  • Greg

    BULLSH*T the price of gas is outrageous. Exxon is worth more than ALL THE AUTOMOBLIE COMPANPY’S WORLD WILD COMBINDED. YES I SAID COMBINDED!!!! The auto makers need to pull their heads out of their ass and understand that a high mileage hybrid ( 75+ mpg) would sell. We have the technolgy to do this. Watch the movie “who killed the electric car” We made a car back in 1996 the GM – EV1 that ran on Electricity. It had NIMH batteries, went over 90 miles per hour and got 120 miles per charge (approx $4.00+/- to fill up the tank). Come on, lets say FUC*YOU to middle eastern oil and get REAL. I drive a ’07 Toyota Prius and thats not helping much.

  • Hannah

    This is a pretty freakin amazing car!!!!! want 1

  • Hannah F. {Christine!!!!! Guess Who!!!!!!}

    Yeah the price of gas sucks ass!!!! Greedy people!!!!

  • Hannah Loves Ricky

    somebody else should say something….

  • Hannah Loves Ricky

    nerd (jk)

  • shleb


  • John G. Jr.

    I am a Prius owner & I like the look of the new car. I also like your hybrid fuel economy. I would like to see your car just a little bit roomer inside, a little more head room, little wider, & more leg room front & back & more adjustment on your tilt steering wheel. Also daytime head lights that go on when the power button is pushed, switching to night head lights automatically at night. Also! I have heard about a company in Calf. producing Photo Electric Paint for replacing expensive Photo Cells for charging batteries & powering homes. If you could combine larger or more batteries Plus the new Photo Electric Paint for helping to recharge your batteries. Plus plug in charging you would really have something.

  • you

    car cool.
    sexy like

  • Allen Manning

    I’m a Prius owner and would sell it today to buy that car if it was available. That is an amazing car.

  • Lou

    I’m a Canadian Matrix owner really loves the design and feels that it’s the perfect candidate for a quick transition vehicle. In it’s next face lift, Toyota should include an option package with a multi fuel hybrid drive system. Adding multi fuel capabilities that includes a micro hydrogen generator “On Board” to help instantly double fuel mileage no matter which fuel base is used. Natural Gas, Propane and a blended gasoline-methanol or ethanol or Converted Liquid Coal fuel and any others you can imagine can be “Volumized” with hydrogen that’s created “On the Fly” with NO Storage of hydrogen!

  • Diana

    Beautiful car! very sleek!!! I love how the roof is almost all window allowing an unhindered view of what is above you….I would love this car especially on a clear, cloudless night -just to be able to look up at the stars!

  • caraah

    woooaaahhh i would drive this car any day…. its sooo coool !!

    love it.

  • Steven

    I would by this car in an instant! Great looks terrific features and Toyota’s engineering skill behind it. I just hope they up the mpg above the last pruis version.

  • sabrina mangene

    thats cool

  • victoria

    I absolutely j’adore this design, however, a few things concern me. For one, all this glass. If it’s extremely breakable, then one accident, and your in serious problems! Also, the glass would cause the greenhouse effect on the car, creating a hotter cabin than anyone is comfortable with. I believe that if you use solar paneling on the car’s glass, it will block out the sun a bit more, creating less of a greenhouse effect, and making the car even more ecofriendly.
    I really would like to purchase this car, even if it does have a few minor detailing things toyota out to sort out.

  • Anonymous

    i hate the design! it looks like a bubble.. also the cartoon cars. i would not want to buy this car because of what it looks like.

  • Herbert Weiss

    I like the concept design; I would expect heat reflective glass or some kind of auto tinting during the day and folding rear seats to add utility cargo space. If it gets 55 mpg or more all the better.

  • anonymous

    I WANT this car. Hurry up and make it, but forget the see-through roof!

  • Ed & Harriet Griffith

    Looks like it is just for show with no real innovations. The earlier Prius actually has more headroom and a trunk the 2004 and later models do not have. The actual mileage is about the same. I hope Toyota is not going into the “Let’s just change the body,” paradigm that brought Detroit to its knees.

  • Begreen

    Looks like a traveling greenhouse with the same rear vision issues of the current Prius. A true wagon with great rear vision would be far more practical and preferable. (2007 Prius owner.)

  • Cam Rawlinson

    Styling aside I easilier visualize aspects of modularity coupled with the sex appeal of a water droplet.. When you want to fall fast or move fast and be agile those aren’t bad forms to design from.

    On an aside, why two mirrors, why does my vision sense blind spots. 4 in body cameras should be the minum for any modern car. And one inside wide angle rear view optic mirror.. Which automaker will be the first to embrace the camera industry and get them included and approved in MV regulations.

    Perhaps this is a marketing rendering and not a functional one.

  • ctp08va

    I like this version, it’s more appealing; the current one is awkward and not appealing what so ever.

  • Han

    I don’t have a hybrid. I think it look nice. The only thing that keeps me from getting a hybrid is that I don’t know how well a hybrid car would spar against Michigan’s winter.

  • Raffy Long

    Oh wow this Toyota Hybrid really rocks. But it is somewhat similar to Ford Focus.

  • Sargo

    I really dont like the Puris cars but seeing this model it has completly changed my mind. It looks mad and as long as the safty features meet high standerds i would buy one of sure. Maybe just change would be good and that would be more window viewing from the sides and maybe a bit more in the back.

  • rusty houndog

    I see the stylists still have the strongest word in design. For the many parts of the country with dirt roads such a light weight vehicle needs a narrower tread contact patch. Even better is a higher tire profile. My own Prius Touring is running Corolla 15″ steel wheels with the latest in MiniCooper sized 175-65R15 tires for that grip that keeps you on the road rather than in the borrow ditch. Toyota might think of that size as a standard offering for us country folk. An even higher tire profile might also be useful for passing over the rocks in the roads.

  • sence of style

    this car looks like sh*t, worst thing i have ever seen, the colour is awful and it just looks silly. This is garbage get a real car

  • Tihani

    It looks great!! Whens it coming out? How much is it? Where will it be available? 🙂 j/k.. sorta… I sure hope there will be curtains or something

  • leesha

    this is such an extreme design, creative and unique all around.
    i would love to drive this style car!!

  • Anonymous

    The open roof would suck in the summer heat in Arizona.

  • kassra tavakoli

    looks good… a bit disappointing towards the back and that lack of rear view mirror vision still being there….

  • Anonymous

    looks like a blob of metal…but the roof is awesome! i think it would b cooler if the roof was like those transition glasses cause some people want to stay out of the sunn

  • ce wa

    its cool

  • aslan

    gavur ne araba yapmış a.q

  • ancutza

    i enjoy your article. great job. keep it simple

  • cory

    This Toyota Hybrid X is quite similar to a wagon type vehicle. Well, it’s look is quite interesting. I hope I could see this car in person.

  • <a href="" rel="follow">Celes</a>

    Looks really futuristic. This would be a great addition to the top models of Toyota.

  • Wesley

    I have been looking at HYBRIDS for a while now.. In fact, have you seen the Bugati version?? Only $1.6 million! hahaa.. This Toyota looks to be at the top of the good ones. —Wesley at Round Rock Utilities

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