Toyota Halts Sales of Eight Models, Not Hybrids

In an unprecedented move, Toyota said Tuesday it was halting sales and production of eight car and truck models accounting for more than half its US sales until it finds a fix for sticking accelerator pedals.

Hybrid models are not affected by the sales and production stoppage. Toyota said the problematic pedals are provided by CTS Automotive Products, a different supplier than the one providing pedals for Toyota’s hybrids. The assembly line for the Camry Hybrid remains online at Toyota’s Kentucky plant, while the non-hybrid Camry in the same plant has been idled.

The Toyota Prius, model years 2004 to 2009, was included in a recall in Nov. 2009, in which Toyota said it will reshape or replace accelerator pedals. That recall affected the Camry, Avalon, Tacoma and Tundra, as well as Lexus models ES 350, IS 250, and IS 350.
Toyota says the problem is rare, but it hasn’t determined what conditions cause sticking pedals. If a pedal sticks, Toyota recommends shifting into neutral and shutting off the engine.

Models currently on hold:

  • 2009-2010 RAV4
  • 2009-2010 Corolla
  • 2009-2010 Matrix
  • 2005-2010 Avalon
  • Certain 2007-2010 Camry (excluding hybrid)
  • 2010 Highlander (excluding hybrid version)
  • 2007-2010 Tundra
  • 2008-2010 Sequoia

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  • Dom

    Just a point of curiosity – why in the world would Toyota put a different gas pedal on the Camry hybrid compared to the regular Camry?? Especially when they’re built at the same plant?!? Almost makes me wonder if it isn’t just a PR stunt to keep their green image intact…
    Maybe that’s too harsh, it just seems rather strange to me…

  • Charles

    Dom, I am guessing that the hybrid is fly by wire and that the regular Camry has a direct link between the gas pedal and the throttle.

  • Charles

    I wonder what GM is doing about the Vibe. It is almost the same car as the Matrix.

  • AP

    I think there are more shoes to drop on this. People have complained on blogs about this on Priuses too.

    Pontiac Vibes are also being recalled, but it doesn’t affect production, since there isn’t any.

  • cj

    Could this have anything to do with the “runaway” problems related to keyless models?

  • Dom

    Charles – good point on the drive-by-wire. That could be an explaination. But, I’m pretty sure the more recent Pontiac Vibes, as well as the twin Matrix, are drive-by-wire (I’ve got one of the older ones that isn’t.), and they are on the recall list, which means they use the same pedal. Who knows…

  • shery

    Helllo, Dom

    I am wondering the same thing about the Kentucky plant. I have a 2007 hybrid with 100,000 and I have had this happen on two occasions….The dealership is telling me they cant find anything wrong and my “hybrid” is not covered in the recall…..

  • BBerman

    According to Toyota, it’s strictly a matter of a single supplier providing faulty equipment. A different supplier provided the gas pedal-related hardware and software for the hybrids, which don’t have the problem.

  • Anonymous

    well then I guess I have a real problem because my hybrid has accelerated on its own twice!!!! I drive over 200 miles per day and im not driving this car again!!!!!

  • ms

    This is why the usa are known to have strange stories.

    Most of the models are also sold in other countries, a lot are built on the same factories.

    Anyone see recalls because the pedal?


    Strange world were we live.

  • tl

    There have been reports of this going back to 2004!!! WOW! Toyota is just now doing something!?? This is bad. This isn’t a window button being stuck. I have family driving Toyotas. It only takes one time. The acceleration along with the brakes are things that can’t go wrong. I really hope thay get it fixed…and don’t know why the’ve taken this long to address the issue.

  • Lou

    Fly by wire systems have no connection between your gas pedal and the actual throttle. This means the computer and sensors are making decisions on how to apply the throttle and close it. All it takes to screw up is an error in the system to make bad decisions and do something you don’t want.

    Audi had this problem in the 80’s. I saw it happen to someone and it was scarry. They finally admitted to the problem after several deaths and many accidents.

    Now we see that Toyota has been hiding this fact from the public. First it was claimed to be faulty floor mats. Yeah right. This is a systemic failure and takes more than a part to repair. If I owned one of these rice burners I would sell it.

    Looks like Toyota has moved into a new era. Just a clunker with good PR.

  • AP

    They’ve added more cars to the list, but still not the Prius. How long will that take?

  • Anonymous

    The company manufacturing the pedals is CTS out of Mississauga, Ontario Canada. I’m sure the engineering was at least overseen by Japan. So this strange story ms speaks of, involving Americans, involves us buying a product responsible for a crash in SanDiego that killed 4 people after the car reached 120mph., and countless others that are under investigation. is also reporting that Toyota extended the recall to China and Japan. In response to the “Strange world where we live”…as long as it’s not your strange world… If there’s anywhere to point the finger, it’s a big thank you to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration! Without these companies looking out for the consumer Toyota may still be blaming faulty floomats! Which is a whole nother story.

  • Frank Miller


    Toyota is the best PR machine in the world I have to give them that. They sell a OK product, from my research there cars are just ok. But what they do well is PR!

    They pay off consumer distorts with money that Americans pay them.

    The only thing green about Toyota is green money going to Japan. Because the Prius factory is a major issue.

    Now the truth about Toyota cars comes out.

    My neighbor who has his Camey in the shop a few times a year is brainwashed by Toyota PR. Thinking he is driving the ” Most Reliable Car” Its like the folks who killed themselves in that religious uprising because the guy said they will all go to heaven.

    The joke is my ford explorer has not been in the shop once…. And he still comes over to me saying ” Oh why not get a Toyota they are so good quality” Its like the more it breaks or in the shop the more “Quality” it is.

    If it was a ford or GM he would be like oh it had a windshield wiper fail … How bad it is.

    I was like what is he smoking?

  • Tom Lyons

    The Prius will be recalled soon for brakes. Check out the article here at…lots of colmplaints to the NHSTA. There’s no doubt they’re putting out unsafe cars.

  • shery

    Does anyone have a toyota camry hybrid acting up?? acceleration issues??? I spent an hour with a service director in Texas this morning and all they can say is “sorry it is not part of the recall” As for now it is in my garage and I am driving a loaner, which I paid for, until I can decide my next action. My hybrid is a 2007 with 101,000. I bought the car new and after 70,000 have had 2 incidents of gas pedal acceleration.

  • ms

    After reading this comments – realize that everyone had or know anyone who had this problem.

    And this is a site for hybrids, which are not the cars recaled.

    I had a lot of cars japanese, french, swedish and even american.
    And only in one of them the break got stuck, why becouse the floor mat.

    The car was a Volvo, a great car.

    – also have a friend of mine who had a accident because the break did not worked, why? Because the foot sliped from the pedal as it was wet.

    No one complained the car.

    Even yestarday i was giving an example of the floor matts that implied a recall of toyota in the states. The answer was:
    “I have a Mini One and the floor matt keep slippimg, maybe I also should complaint” this friend was joking.

  • ConsumerReportsAuto

    Toyota received top marks as the car with the overall best brand perception in the Consumer Reports Car Brand Survey this year; it will be interesting to see if they can hold their ground in next year’s survey after their recent recalls. This free article from Consumer Reports lists all the best and worst brands in multiple categories, according to consumer perception:

  • Staten Island Toyota Service

    It is a shame that the manufacture of the green cars will be halted fpr some time. But it is also important for Toyota to get back its good name by recalling all the cars and working on the accelerator.

  • Paradigm sniff

    The surge of recalls works favorable for TOYOTA dealers.

    1. It allows them to sustain their capacities despite low demand from regular customers since the manufacturer shoulders the bill.

    2.It attracts potential buyers to view the new models in the showroom.

    3. It keeps Toyota informed about change of ownership, and other statistical data that can be collected discretely from customers.

    4. it penalizes suppliers that do not perform at par and allows others to fill in new supply contracts that got provisions to make 3rd parties more legally responsible.

    5. Toyota would look less aggressive import brand that threatens local industries suffering from one of the greatest economic displacements and recession in history.

  • tapra1

    well as Lexus models ES 350, IS 250, and IS 350. Toyota says the problem is rare, but it hasn’t determined what conditions cause sticking pedals. If a pedal sticks, Toyota recommends shifting into neutral and shutting off the engine.Latest Tech News

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