Toyota Hopes Camatte Concept Will Stoke Desires in Kids for Real Cars Some Day

With automobiles being perceived as less attractive for “Generation Y” and younger kids now growing up compared to sensibilities espoused by previous generations, Toyota has created an electric vehicle to get youngsters driving before they come of age.

The hope for the not-street-legal Camatte concept shown in Japan is to stimulate those of pre-drivers’ license age to taste the fun, and plant interest in cars expected to produce eager consumers when they become old enough to buy or lease their own car.

Toyota’s three-seater concept is not at this point intended for sale, and cost was not mentioned, but the 9-foot-long vehicle propelled by electric motor and lead-acid-battery is being portrayed as something that could be used on a go-kart track or private road.


The Camatte’s rear seat is large enough for a back-seat driver – such as mom or dad, and up front at the steering wheel will be a child in control. Toyota gives remote control to the back-seat moderator who can assist with steering or braking as needed to keep the learning driver on track.

While this may seem whimsical, Toyota is reportedly dead serious as it and other Japanese automakers look to re-stoke interest in their company’s respective offerings in coming years.

And though more would have to happen before this idea rolls out, we think you can see why creating an actual working car serves the intended purpose better than, say, a virtual simulator. Kids already have video games to play with, and that’s part of the competition for the attention of those who’ve shown they feel there’s more interesting things to do than focus on – or even acquire – cars.

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    i want to know the price of the car