Toyota And BMW Developing Next-Generation Battery

Hoping to improve lithium-ion battery chemistries, and to share wealth regarding diesel technology as well, Toyota Motor Corp and BMW AG have reportedly begun joint research into next-generation batteries.

In this East-meets-West match, BMW stands to gain from Asia’s largest automaker which has pioneered and now dominates in the hybrid category – expertise BMW needs to stay competitive with Volkswagen AG’s Audi luxury car division.

Similarly, Toyota also wants to improve its position in Europe by expanding on its diesel engine lineup. BMW has agreed to supply Toyota Europe with oil-burning powerplants beginning in 2014, according to Automotive News.

BMW confirmed today that the two companies are now working under a formal memorandum of understanding based on a partnership first announced Dec. 1, 2011.

Both companies are technological powerhouses, and while today’s news is essentially about Europe, with U.S. growth in automotive electrification – and perhaps also diesels – in coming years this agreement could see benefits to products eventually delivered here.

Automotive News (subscription req’d)

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  • Van

    Reading tea leaves is never certain, but does this indicate the next generation battery from Toyota will be available at the same time Toyota Europe will receive the 1.6 and 2.0 Beemer diesel engines, i.e. for the 2014 model year? If true, wow!!!

  • Capt. Concernicus

    I’m imagining an advanced diesel supplied from BMW with a more advanced lithium-ion battery supplied from Toyota in a Prius.

    Could we possibly see something like that here? Probably not. The U.S. always gets the watered down version of the good vehicles.

    A more advanced and powerful lithium-ion battery in the current Prius liftback/C/V/plug-in would be nice.

    Well we can always keep our fingers crossed and hope it will happen.

  • The anonymous

    Back in Dec 2011, according to AP:
    “The two automakers will also work on improving lithium-ion battery technology, typically used in batteries for electronic gadgets and relatively new to autos.

    Toyota has struggled to find a good lithium-ion battery for its green cars and is using technology from Japanese electronics maker Sanyo Electric Co. in its latest plug-in hybrid, for which Toyota has recently started taking orders. Toyota had worked with Panasonic Corp. on a battery before the electronics maker acquired Sanyo, partly to get better lithium-ion technology.”

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