Toyota Also Going Green Building-Wise

Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc’s. (TMS) recently completed Kansas City Regional Technical Training Center in Kansas City, Mo. has achieved Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification.

The technical training center is located at the region sales office and provides offices, classrooms and training bays for Toyota dealer technicians.

The Kansas City technical training center integrated the following LEED elements into construction to achieve Gold certification:

• 99 percent of construction waste (more than 953 tons) was diverted from landfill through salvage or recycling

• Extensive native vegetation rain gardens and swales treat 100 percent of parking lot and roof storm water runoff, removing 95 percent of pollutants

• Automatic lighting controls and use of natural light reduce electrical demand by 24.5 percent (12kw)

• High efficiency HVAC system consumes 50 percent less energy in cooling mode

• 100 percent of installed wood products carry Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification, ensuring sustainable harvest practices

• Dual flush toilets, waterless urinals and efficient fixtures reduce water consumption by 66 percent, saving 49,800 gallons of water annually

• 100 percent of annual energy use (176 kwh/yr) is offset by investment in certified renewable energy development

In addition to the Kansas City Regional Technical Training Center, 10 Toyota/Lexus U.S. facilities have achieved various levels of LEED certification since 2003. Ranging from office space to vehicle distribution centers, these facilities represent Toyota’s continued efforts to improve the design and efficiency of all operations while reducing the overall environmental footprint.

According to Toyota, a total of 11 Toyota/Lexus U.S. facilities and 18 Toyota/Lexus dealerships have achieved LEED certification.

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    I really love Toyota Motors ever since its products are released. Have been watching with their latest issues and now they are promoting environmental and energy saving campaigns.Great post!