Toshiba Launches EV Li-ion Battery Monitor Chipset

Batteries for plug-in cars may soon be controlled by Toshiba electronics.

This is the case given that Toshiba Corporation has just recently announced it will launch a lithium-ion battery monitor chipset for such automotive applications.

Toshiba explained the battery monitor IC integrated into the chipset is the industry’s first to be able to manage up to 16 cells per IC, allowing for a reduction of components and the development of simple, low-cost battery monitoring systems.

The chipset, which integrates a battery monitor IC (TB9141FG), and microcontroller (TMPM358FDTFG), detects the remaining charge level and equalizes it among cells (cell balancing) and can also detect abnormal battery status.

Toshiba says it is an ideal choice that delivers enhanced battery management technology which is required for hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and electric vehicles (EVs).

The TB9141FG uses a 96-volt (high-voltage) process and realizes monitoring of a 16-cell li-ion battery with a single IC.

The TB9141FG is able to communicate in a noisy environment, using differential signaling in a daisy chain communication link between two or more TB9141FGs, an important feature for automotive applications.

The TMPM358FDTFG is a 32-bit RISC microcontroller built around an ARM CortexTM-M32 core and is compliant with functional safety standards (IEC61508 / ISO26262). The device achieves a battery monitor system with low power consumption, due to its back up RAM function, sleep function3 and Toshiba’s original low power technologies.

Toshiba will provide a reference model mounting the TB9141FG and the TMPM358FDTFG and a software library to be compliant with functional safety standards. It will allow customers to easily create their own battery monitor system.

Toshiba is promoting the battery monitor chipset business and developing products that meet all functional requirements in a market that is expected by the company to grow with increasing demand for HEVs and EVs. The company targets a 25% market share by FY2017.

Toshiba expects sample and reference model shipments of this chipset will start in February and March 2013 respectively. Mass production will start in April 2014.

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