Top 8 Electrified Vehicles At Detroit’s NAIAS 2015

New Alt-Tech Vehicles


There are dozens of new vehicles at this year’s ongoing North American International Auto Show in Motor City, and as the town gets truer in a sense to its name – “Motor” – spliced among traditional models are several newly revealed electrified models.

Despite well-documented inexpensive gasoline these days, a complexity of variables keep alternative energy transportation relevant to automakers and a segment of consumers. These include emission and mpg concerns, desire for technologically advanced products and resultant new designs, unique drive and ownership experiences.

More could be said, but indicators are the need remains, and few in the know believe cheap gas will be with us indefinitely.

Among recent alternative-energy news, Tesla had its P85D and other variants on display, Jaguar Land Rover says it will offer a diesel variant of all its models, and really, things are happening in all technological arenas of the “all-of-the-above” approach.

To summarize some of the more noteworthy new releases at Detroit, we’ve compiled this hierarchy of models that stand to most affect the market, or otherwise make some kind of a big splash.

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