Top 5 Most Fuel-Efficient Hybrid Cars

2. 2014 Toyota Prius Liftback – 50 mpg


$25,010 (incl. delivery fee)
51 mpg city / 48 mpg hwy / 50 mpg combined

Only a little down in mpg, and actually equal in combined and better on the highway, the midsized Toyota Prius Liftback could nearly have been placed in spot number one.

It too is capable of meeting its mpg numbers in real world driving, and speaking of numbers, this is the king of hybrid sales, ranking number one with triple the volume of second place.

The Liftback does 2 mpg better on the highway than the Prius c with its larger 1.8-liter Atkinson cycle engine which does not have to rev as much and can therefore operate in a more efficient powerband.

It’s also two size categories up from the Prius c and thus a more effective people and goods hauler, as well as mile eater.

Being nearly synonymous with “hybrid” the Prius often needs no introduction, though really, myths and misunderstanding still shroud it for some, and many only have surface impressions of it.

Ford has sought to dethrone it with its C-Max Hybrid but the C-Max does not come close in sales at this point, and its mpg does not beat it – either officially, or in real world driving, where there tends to be an even greater disparity.

The HSD tech in the Liftback is in process of being adopted to every model in the Toyota and Lexus line, and its “icon” status appears unchallenged for now.