Top 5 Best Selling Hybrid Automakers: A Market Analysis

2. Ford

Fusion Hybrid.

Fusion Hybrid.

The Blue Oval brand came from behind to seriously improve its position this year with just two models, the C-Max and Fusion full hybrids sharing the same powertrain.

Combined sales in 2013 for these models following partial sales for the new models in 2012 is 65,326 units for 2013 compared to 25,035 for 2012.

These are excellent, newly engineered cars, but did meet with a less than ideal reception.

Prior to their launch, Ford very aggressively marketed its “electrified” vehicles, attempting to demonstrate where it said they could exceed what Toyota offered.

One point that has come back to haunt Ford is the 47 mile per gallon claims for both the C-Max and Fusion. The company has been sued in class action suits after numerous buyers said they could not reach EPA sticker estimates.

Numerous reviewers including this publication found it tough to meet these numbers. Online allegations by drivers have been that Ford fudged the numbers while other online commenters say they purchased one or the other went around posting under articles stating they could indeed make their numbers.

Eventually, Ford admitted it never tested the C-Max, but rubber stamped its number based on the more aerodynamic Fusion’s number, and lowered the EPA rating.

This hurt sales, and perceptions, but Ford’s aggressive strategy, and otherwise very good cars has put it in second place with not nearly the number of product other automakers have on offer.

Ford also sells the Lincoln-badged MKZ Hybrid with the same powertrain. As it attempts to revive Lincoln next to Cadillac, it has priced the hybrid with no surcharge over the non-hybrid MKZ, representing a solid value for the significant mileage improvement.

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