Top 10 Super Green Things About The BMW i3

5.Kenaf Plant


Certain parts of the instrument panel and door panels are made using fibers from the Kenaf plant which BMW says comes from southern Asia.

These, BMW says, save about 10-percent weight.

BMW is not the only maker to use the Kenaf plant. Ford has also used Hibiscus cannabinus in the Escape.

According to Vision Paper, Kenaf has come from Africa and is a 4,000 year-old “new crop” that’s related to cotton and okra.

It grows in many parts of the U.S. and is being touted as one of the sustainable agri-products with many applications including papermaking, construction materials, and it’s a renewable alternative to cutting down trees.

It is actually a weed by definition, there’s tons of info on it, and proponents says its threat as an invasive species is minimal.

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