Top 10 Super Green Things About The BMW i3

2. Domestic Energy Driven


The i3 may be from Leipzig, Germany, but the “fuel” used to run it – that is, electricity – will of course not be imported for American consumers, but will be sourced solely in the U.S.

A gas-free car means none of the billions spent on U.S. military protection of global oil supplies – and human lives on the line – will be earmarked for energy needed to power the i3.

Nor can you blame the operational energy needs of the i3 for an oil spill or other environmental consequence, because the fossil fuel was not going toward refining gasoline or diesel to power the EV.

The notion of “energy security” has been bandied about for decades, and it’s seemingly an elusive, if not mythical goal.

For its part, BMW says the i3 – as true for other electric cars – is attempting to be a start in the right direction.