Top 10 Super Green Things About The BMW i3

Green Machine

As BMW prepares a second-quarter 2014 launch for its all-electric i3, the first model for its i-series sub-brand, the company has taken pains to demonstrate its commitment to a “sustainable” mission.

Although not unique in tipping its hat to a minimal carbon footprint – and undoubtedly also a target for the inevitable critics – the i3 is indeed festooned through and through with environmentally positive materials, and made with ecologically best practices.

In the process, says BMW, it did not forget its core focus of delivering “ultimate driving machines” with satisfying performance, cutting-edge safety and innovative engineering.

The market will decide the actual success of the initially limited-market car – available also with a small, gas-powered range extender – but we thought we’d look at ways in which BMW’s new urban EV promises to be environmentally good for everyone.

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