Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Buy An Electric Car Now

6. Infrastructure In Place Now


EVs run on electricity and America is fully wired to handle them. Utility companies do monitor grid demands, and in some neighborhoods where several EVs have added more draw than they’re set up for, utilities have increased equipment, but the country is otherwise EV-compatible.

As for public charging infrastructure, at this stage, there is need for more, and this is in progress.

There are some public chargers that require you to pay for their use, but others may provide electricity at no cost – such as at some workplaces, campuses, retail areas, etc.

That is another potential benefit squeezed in here: free juice. It’s like getting free gas, and some report they take advantage of it.

An EV driver’s primary charge point is of course at home, and this assumes one has a place – like a garage, carport, or other private parking – that lets one charge at home.

Lack of suitable home charging has been known to be a deal breaker, although some do find ways to work around it.

The UCS survey showing 25 percent of households as EV compatible did account for available home charging.

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