Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Buy An Electric Car Now

2. EV Prices Have Come Down

Mitsubishi i - Portland

Last January Nissan reduced the Leaf’s price by $6,000, and last month Mitsubishi cut the i-MiEV’s price to just under $15,000 assuming a $7,500 federal tax credit is taken out.

Also Honda reduced by one-third its lease price for the Fit EV which is available in some markets, and includes level 2 charging equipment in the price.

So, you might ask: if you wait longer will prices go down further or will product offerings improve?

There is general hope that the price of batteries per kilowatt-hour will decline, and economies of scale will help automakers trim costs which they may pass on to you.

And, like any technology, more features and benefits ought to come in time.

The question is can you benefit now?

Some people choose to lease a car to avoid risks associated with ownership, but others are purchasing EVs and happy with what they can do.

Range limits of 70-100 miles per charge for average EVs is also a factor to consider, but average daily driving needs might be under 40 miles.

The range takes a mental adjustment, but given the potential of charging en route or at your destination point – which can increase daily range by 25-100 percent or more – it is do-able.

Long-range drivers would be less likely to be a candidate for a pure EV, except possibly for the 265-mile range Tesla Model S and that company’s expanding Supercharger network.

As an extra reason to go EV squeezed in, electric car drivers will never have to stop to fill up at a gas station. Charging can be done when they are occupied doing more meaningful things like sleeping at night, or during the day while at work, shopping, or dining.