Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Buy An Electric Car Now

9. EVs Mean Cleaner Air


This is not to be confused with the “environmental” concerns that affect our climate, but this is about public health issues and associated costs which affect us all.

Economists call smog, haze, and health problems resulting from emissions “externalities,” a neutral and sterile-sounding word for a nasty reality – people today suffer as a consequence of others’ actions, including releasing toxins into the air.

This is part of why policymakers are pushing to clean up the air and an underlying driver to the whole market.

The same concern over cleanliness of power plant emissions exists as above, but the grid is getting cleaner year by year and several watchdog and advocacy groups say EVs are definitely “part of the solution” rather than “part of the problem.”

Quantifying the “problem” in actual dollars has been elusive, but it could be more than anyone really wants to pay.

Because of too many ramifications to count afflicting society, it as been very difficult to specify an actual dollar cost for America’s “addiction to oil.”

One investigation in June 2011 did attempt to nail the price of gas at $15 per gallon in terms of its costs to health and the environment.

In contrast, electric motors are clean and more efficient. If many more people adopted them, how would that stand to help the world not just now, but for today’s children and future generations?

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