Tesla To Debut Model 3 March 2016

Tesla head Elon Musk today revealed the long-anticipated Model 3 will be shown around next March and on sale after the second quarter of 2017.

“We are looking to start production of the Model 3 in second half of 2017,” said Musk while hedging the reveal date a bit. “We are hoping to show the Model 3 in March (or around then) of next year.”

The electric carmaker had no word at a sales briefing today for skeptics who’ve begun to postulate the car may never become a reality, but apparently the plan is as projected for a roughly mid-30s price point and 200-mile range.

Tesla is of course building the Gigafactory in Nevada to supply batteries for the “volume” selling car it needs to continue its plan to electrify the automobile and bring it to mainstream viability.

About half the entry price of the lowest-MSRP Model S, the Model 3 is to be an all-original design, but will not be alone as Chevrolet is planning a similar price and range Bolt, and Nissan says it too will have a new Leaf to compete.

First order of business however is to launch the Model X SUV later this year.

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