Tesla Reports Progress Including Pending AWD Model S

Tesla Motors will have an all-wheel drive Model S possibly as soon as when the Model X arrives later this year, or by early 2015.

This was revealed from Europe by CEO Elon Musk speaking to Tesla owners and fans as part of a general progress report during a town hall style meeting.

Musk said also battery costs are expected to drop by 30 percent to as much as 40 percent when its “giga factory” with 30-gigawatt hour production capacity opens.

Presently, Tesla is working on higher capacity battery options for Model S, and new more comfortable seats should be available by next year.

Within the next few weeks, Tesla’s version 6.0 software will be released that will enable things including real-time traffic data, more control over suspension settings and ride height.

As Tesla continues also to proliferate Superchargers, these are slated to increase to as much as 135 kilowatts current for faster charging.


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