Tesla P85D Plays With Ferrari On Street And Does Other Fun Things – Video

There will be more Tesla P85D videos as deliveries continue, but for starters, a video by one Allen Wong demonstrates some quickness on the streets against a Ferrari as well as other speed demonstrations.

Wong, who says he will be getting a P85D for Christmas, says he went around with the loaned Tesla and he apparently found drivers who would race him.

“We pitted the car’s acceleration against other cars. It pretty much beat everything at the car show (Ferraris and R8s didn’t stand a chance),” said Wong who gave details below the video on YouTube. “So I had to pit it against my Aventador, which does 0-60 in 2.8-2.9 seconds”

The P85D, Wong says, beats the Aventador informally on the street to 30 mph, is tied to 60, then the Lambo starts to pull it.

Unfortunately, the video doesn’t show that matchup, but other highlights include audio recording of reactions of five passengers – something an Aventador can never do.

Tesla’s P85D is rated by its maker to 60 mph at 3.2 seconds, and is the quickest Tesla. It adds 221 horsepower to the front wheels via a drive motor which augments the 470 horsepower in the back.

For those of you new to this stuff, a main reason it is so quick is not just the total 691 rated horses but how they are delivered.

All-wheel-drive means front wheels pull while rear wheels push and the torque – the work energy – is at its peak from zero rpm (some people like to say from 1 rpm – either way, and you get the meaning).

Tesla also has designed full electronic control to prevent tire slippage – if all that power were just dumped, the tires would spin and smoke, and seriously degrade momentum.

As it is, Tesla has created a street racer toy par excellence; it’s super user friendly, and takes much less finesse than cars without launch control.

Wong said to help out his Aventador driven sans launch control, they resorted to doing roll-on races with the Lamborghini already hooked up to try and gauge acceleration without the Italian car’s tire spin.

By contrast, with the $105,670 and up Tesla, it’s just punch and go. No gear shifting, no sideways out of control smoky burnouts, just whoosh! It’s very effective, unusually quiet being electric, and Tesla reports orders for this car are coming in fast.

We’ll be looking forward to more speed shows on YouTube, as more people get their P85Ds in the months ahead.

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