Tesla Offering Model 3 and Ludicrous Perks in Referral Program

Tesla Motors has beefed up its referral program with a Model 3 delivery event and an annual reward offering a Ludicrous top prize.

The new quarterly round of referrals was launched yesterday with a first-time addition of an annual round. The quarterly round goes through March 15.

Tesla has confirmed that its previously mentioned referral reward addition for quarterly winners this year will be a “Model 3 delivery event.” The top prize in the new Annual Awards will be a Model S or Model X P100D Ludicrous.

New buyers are still getting a $1,000 discount when they utilize the referral code, but the program features a revision and new prizes for referrers. It brings back the opportunity to win a Model S or X based on performance in the referral program per region, rather than only a random drawing as was used in recent rounds of the program.

Qualifying owners who make seven qualifying referrals will get an invitation for themselves and a guest to attend the Model 3 delivery event later this year. Those earning five will receive an “exclusive red Founders Series Powerwall 2,” a limited edition not available to the public.

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For those looking for a birthday gift for children, earning three qualifying referrals will give them a Founders Series Tesla Model S for Kids. That tiny drivable electric Model S, built by Radio Flyer, comes with headlights, a sound system, and a charge port.

Those delivering two referrals will receive a rolling Tesla carry-on duffle bag, ideal for those planning airline trips.

As previously mentioned, Tesla is also introducing another new referral program called ‘Annual Awards,’ with the biggest prizes being a P100D Ludicrous that comes from being the first person making 20 referrals per region. That will mean three P100Ds being delivered – one each to winners in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. They’ll be able to configure the Ludicrous vehicle when ordering, after at least 20 colleagues have taken delivery of their new Tesla vehicles.

For those hitting the 20 referral mark who don’t win the Ludicrous, a weekend getaway at a destination resort with Tesla charging is available. They’ll also be able to swap their car to drive around a new Tesla vehicle of their choice for a week.

Those making at least 15 referrals under the annual awards program gain access to a few travel perks, with one being passes for groups to tour Tesla’s Fremont, Calif., factory.



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