Tesla Model X Reservations Hit 500 in 24 Hours

Last Thursday, Tesla Motors unveiled the Model X electric crossover at its design center in Los Angeles, California. Of course, the debut of the Model X “created massive media attention,” according to Tesla. In fact, the electric automaker claims Model X was the “third most searched term on Google”, and that on the night of the reveal traffic to its website increased 2800 percent.

Even more impressive is that Tesla claims to have recorded 500 reservations for the vehicle within 24 hours of its unveiling. The company now reports that “one day after the reveal, without any advertising, advance sales of the Model X exceeded $40 million.”

Reservations or the forthcoming Model S sedan, which will begin deliveries later this year, also shot up by 30 percent following the unveiling of the automaker’s Model X crossover. Fully refundable reservations for the Model X range from $5,000 for the standard version to $40,000 for the Signature.

Model X Presales

Within 24 hours of the reveal, Tesla claims to have logged 500 pre-orders exceeding $40 million for Its Model X.

Tesla now says that production of the Model X will begin and at end of 2013 and has set a target production volume at 10,000 to 15,000 units per year starting in 2014. The car features an array of innovative design elements, from its gullwing-like doors, to its dual trunk configuration, which allows for additional storage where most cars house their engines.

Through the end of last year, Tesla had already taken in about 8,000 deposits for the Model S, and plans to ship as many as 5,000 by the end of the year. And though now-defunct Aptera’s claim to have collected more than 5,000 reservations for its never-to-be 2e electric vehicle might give some pause, deposits for that car cost just $500, where Tesla demands much more of a commitment from its early customers. Indeed, it would appear that Tesla is well on its way to not only meeting production deadlines for two models many thought would never be released, but also selling those vehicles in significant numbers.

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  • stewartrschreiber

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  • James Davis

    They are falconwing doors, not gullwing; there is a difference: falconwing doors can be opened in cramped areas like parking lots and if the vehicle rolls over, the rescue crew can open the door to rescue the injured…gullwing doors cannot be opened in cramped spaces or in rollovers. The falconwing doors are another Tesla safety marvel. That vehicle is going to sell faster than hot pancakes with syrup and butter if families can ever afford it.

  • Geoff Pheeney

    Having served more than two decades in the US Air Force, I’m proud to finally see every single vehicle FUELED by american workers and american fuel sources. We subsdize our competitors by being the sole nation spending a half trillion annually. The cost of our protecting Middle east oil barons must be added to every single product or service sold around the globe to enormous disadvantage.

  • N.C.

    Some comments I’ve read about the Model X is that the family garage is just too cramped to get the falconwing doors to open. Some folks would have preferred regular doors so the kids can get in and out while the car is still inside the garage.

  • MrEnergyCzar

    Is the Tesla sedan even out yet? It seems they are getting ahead of themselves but hats off to Musk, I hope he succeeds. He should just make a regular hybrid minivan since no one else wants to for unknown reasons…..


  • Bruce Boaze

    Funny, but the Tesla model X already has the things the last two posters asked for. The Falcon Wing doors open in a garage or parking space situation because they move up before moving out. It also seats as many people as some mini vans, including two trunks for stuff.

  • James Davis

    The falconwing doors actually use less space to open than do your regular vehicle doors. There is no problem opening them in any home garage that you can open your regular car doors in. The falconwing doors will be fantastic in keeping you dry in weather while you strap your child in their safety seat. If you can afford that vehicle, you will love those doors, and so will your children and your neighbor’s children.

  • Capt. Concernicus

    Yes, it looks like those doors can easily be opened in the garage IF your garage door is CLOSED. Anybody actually look and see how much room there is between the roof of a typical crossover and a garage door that is open and on the tracks above it? Not nearly as much as you’ll need to open those doors. Good luck!

  • Mark Z

    The falcon wing doors were shown in the open position with an open garage door at minute 19:00 at Tesla’s web site. That same still frame photo is at this location. http://www.teslamotors.com/modelx

    According to Musk during his speech, the falcon wing doors are no higher than the open rear hatch of an SUV. Look at minute 20:50 for the Model X rear hatch open while the falcon wing doors are up.

    Tesla’s video is at this site: http://www.teslamotors.com/blog/tesla-unveils-model-x

  • Capt. Concernicus

    The video is great! Here you get to understand how the doors in the rear allow you to park in really tight spaces and still get in and out of the vehicle. That’s fantastic! It’s great! As long as you’re not the driver or the other front seat passenger where the doors open like a normal vehicle. Looks like you won’t be parking that thing in tight spots like they claim you can.

  • Sanjay Puta

    Tesla faked up those “orders”.

    Get this book for the juicy details:

    “Tesla Undercover: A tale of bribery, lies, infidelity, corruption and greed.

    Five former senior staff and one key investor detail the manipulations, false engineering data, government kickbacks and greed-based operations that are making business history (but not in a good way).

    By Mark Peters. 185 Pages. Premium Press. Copyright 2012.

    Get the book soon on Amazon and online. Kindle, Nook, Ebook & PDF versions available.”

  • sam sok

    you are right that Tesla will sell its model x like a hot pancakes only for those rich people that can afford and care about cleaner air. However, the poor can only see and dream about because model s and model x cars are way out of reach for most Americans

  • Samuel H.

    Tesla did not fake those orders. Those orders came in from around the world from people who want the Tesla Model X and believe that they will get one in 2014 when Tesla says they will deliver the majority of them, though a good portion of those present at the revealing did order one including Franz von Holzhausen’s (designer of the Model S) mother.

    Tesla is on track with their Model S, and should start deliveries of it this summer. I am saving up for a Model S myself and cannot wait until I can own a Model S Performance.

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