Tesla Model S Is Top-Selling Plug-in Car For First Half of 2015

Despite being a luxury product by a startup priced 2-4 times more the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt, the Tesla Model S has outsold the two other plug-in electrified vehicles this year and is thus far 2015’s top selling PEV in America.

Its estimated 11,900 U.S. sales – even with room for error – clearly surpass Nissan’s 9,816 Leafs and Chevrolet’s 5,622 Volts from January 2015 through June 2015.

Tesla released its second-quarter delivery report confirming as much – and that we were correct that it was also due to cross a 75,000 global cumulative sales milestone last month, which it did as Tesla published 78,334 units sold through June 2015.

If Tesla only keeps this present pace, notes sales tracker Mario R. Duran, it will have sold its 100,000th car globally before the end of this year.

Since their launches one-and-a-half years before the Model S in December 2010, globally, the Volt/Ampera has sold around 95,000 and the Leaf has sold over 180,000.

The Model S was launched June 2012 so July is the first month of its fourth year, and Tesla has kept the car fresh through over the air updates, and additions and deletions to its specifications.

For example, last fall it introduced the 691-horsepower all-wheel-drive Model S P85D, and this year it followed with an all-wheel-drive 70D which it substituted as the entry point of the lineup in place of the rear-wheel-drive P60.

The carmaker is also expanding its overseas presence in Europe and Asia with mixed but overall increasing success.

It’s also planting networks of Superchargers offering free lifetime electricity for the vehicles.

Underlying it all are well-received cars that are desirable to buyers who must pass over plug-ins like the Leaf and Volt to acquire the Model S. All three cars are eligible for the same $7,500 federal tax credit and are eligible for state subsidies as well.

Tesla has also garnered supporters who see the company’s gas-eschewing ethos as a cause to support, and the purity of vision perceived has helped keep Tesla in the news every time its CEO tweets something or makes a remark at a meeting.

The carmaker is in a sink or swim position too, while General Motors could cancel its Volt if it was so inclined and not go out of business, but the public sees Tesla’s need, and is buying its products, getting a neat car while also helping the cause to succeed.

As major automakers, GM and Nissan are however pushing forward while paying the bills with sales of gas-reliant vehicles, including not-a-few trucks and SUVs.

But while people may be quick to define heros and villains, nothing really is as cut and dried as a surface look could suggest.

The major carmakers would not be selling gas guzzlers if there were not a huge demand for them, and having opened that can of worms, this could go on and on analyzing the factors and nuances, but we’ll cut it here.

Bottom line is Tesla is winning this year with more plug-in cars sold than any automaker in the U.S.

It stands as a pure effort, and its Model X is next pending third quarter deliveries, and Model 3 should be seen some time next year.

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